Caring for A Sick Body

Hello all πŸ™‚ I’ve been nursing along a bugger of a cold recently, and i’ve been doing alot of homework, reading and study about ways to care for and prevent common ailments without immediately running to the doctor or buying meds.
So here’s a few things i’ve been doing the past couple days that have helped considerably in my fight against the changing seasons and my weakened immune system!

1. Echinacea Tea by YOGI

This tea is wonderful! I’ve been drinking 1-3 cups a day, and it really is the shot in the arm to your immune system. Echinacea is a plant that has been used for centuries to fight infections. I’ve been adding some raw honey, and a lemon wedge to it as well.

2. Gargling warm salt water

This is good for if you have a sore, scratchy throat or feel a sore throat coming on. Salt is antibacterial, the heat soothes, and a mucousy nasty throat is just a museum of bacteria and infection just waiting for opening day! Gargle the stuff, spit it out and cough up whatever else will come out too! Once a day should suffice. πŸ™‚

3.Β Raw Honey

According to what i’ve read, this stuff is better than over-the-counter cough and cold medicine, and after yesterday, i believe it.
I scooped up some on my way out of Wegmans yesterday, and downed a spoonful as soon as i got into the car.
Honey is also a centuries-old antibacterial and soothing agent, and my throat felt better after that one bit!
It is QUITE sweet tho, for me, so today i’ve just been mixing as much into my tea as can possibly be absorbed (about 2 TBS) and drinking it that way.

4. Breathing Peppermint Oil Steam

I turned on my teakettle with about 2 cups of water and about 4 drops of peppermint essential oil, and let it steam. I lean over it and breathe it in, plugging one nostril and then the other. You can feel the fumes on your throat and it really does make everything loosen up! I’d blow my nose frequently inbetween.

5. Garlic caplets
Marth’s mum gave me about a hundred of these little guys, and it’s just garlic, in pill form (also an infecticide) I pop about three of them a day when i’m sick.

6. Water!!!!!!!!
I know, i know everyone says stay hydrated when you’re sick, but it’s so true!! Drink at least two quarts of water a day (which you should be drinking anyway, but its easier said than done.)
Drink water, until your eyeballs are floating, and then drink some more! it helps flush all the bad stuff out of your body and it needs that hydration to fix stuff up inside.

7. Orange/Citrus Juice and Fruit
Vitamin C it up, my people! Your body needs all the help it can get when it’s fighting infections or your defenses are weakened. I drink about 2 glasses of orange-pineapple juice and/or eat at least half a grapefruit or orange a day when i start feeling a cold coming and when i have it.

8. Restorative Yoga
Working out honestly is the last thing i feel like doing when i’m sick, but i don’t want the week or so to become a complete and total loss. Today i did about an hour of SarahBeth Yoga’s Deep Stretch Restorative Yoga, that’s mostly just lying/stretching into positions, not so much of a physical challenge. It’s kinda like running in place or speedwalking; you’re doing the motion without straining or committing your body to as much work, just to keep it tip-top and on it’s toes. πŸ™‚

Seriously tho. Your body needs to heal and repair itself, and it does that during your sleep cycle. It becomes even more important when you’re sick to allow the body the time it needs of rest. 8 hours or more a night, ESPECIALLY when you’re sick, but every night is best, really.
Something i really struggled with as i’ve grown up is seeing sleep as something lazy; it’s one of those things you just have to do to stay alive, as little as you can stand, because sleeping more than 6-8 hours/ past 9:30 makes you lazy. That’s just not true! Especially when you’re sick, just because your eyes snap open at 7:30 because that’s what you’re used to, doesn’t mean you have to force yourself out of bed then. If you can afford to fall back to sleep until 8:30 or quarter to 9, to round off an even 8-8 1/2 hours of sleep, go for it. it’s that important.

Now if you end up with a seriously struggling throat or no voice, some times some drugstore meds aren’t a bad idea. My immediate go-to is…

10. Hall’s Menthol Cough Drops
They come in a blue package and they taste like antifreeze, but they do wonders for a dry, sore or painful throat/cough! Good for on-the-go to have in your pocket at work, school, the like. πŸ™‚

So, that’s what i’ve been doing this whole week! ^_^ While i feel bad for not blogging, writing or painting as much as i usually would, i have listened to alot of music, and worked about 43 hours, taken care of my house and slept alot!
Speaking of sleep, because i just preached on how important that is, i should be practicing it… πŸ˜‰

Q of the Day – What are your go-to survival techniques for seasonal sickness/allergies?



Little Thankfulness Sparks from Today

Each day, no matter how bad, i always have something to be thankful for. A rough Wednesday afternoon? At least i got to be with my adorable preschoolers in the morning. An AWFUL day at Hobby Lobby on Tuesday? At least i got in some good yoga in the morning and ate a pint of ice cream while talking with my manager, Matt, at Wegmans until 10:30 at night afterwords.

Speaking of Wegmans…
I was chilling and just doing my job this afternoon, when one of my other managers, Mike, asked if i was free tomorrow (Tuesday). I told him not really, because i had to be at Hobby Lobby, 1-9ish.
He said morning was exactly what he was looking for, and would i be willing to come in around 7:30-8. Because it’s Mike, and i know he loves me and appreciates my work, I agreed.
We talked for a minute, and he finally cocked his head and asked if i went to school; basically what i did with my life when i wasn’t there. I said i didn’t go to school; I just worked two jobs, and had my own apartment…and a cat. (“haha. ^_^ ” )
He nodded and asked if i was interested in getting full-time.
“Here?” I asked
“Anywhere.” He laughed.
I nodded about six times and said absolutely, I’d love to work full time here.

Something about the grin on his face and the light in his eyeballs made me smile too and i asked what was up. He just said “Good to know…good to know.”
I asked if he had a full-time job for me, and he shook his head and said “No…but i’m gonna push you along. I’m gonna get you full-time here.”

I know he was serious. I have no clue what kind of time-table he’s talking about. But it just kinda made my day; the realization that i have someone at work, who’s watched me, taught me and been there for me, who wants to see me go far there.
It’s exciting, its encouraging and it’s really great to see a company living out the values they claim to have. I love my new job, and i love my friends there so much. Who’d have guessed i’d move to a new state out of nowhere and find my own way, at work…in a grocery store?

I’m stoked. And thrilled to be coming in to work at 7:30 tomorrow morning for one of my favorite managers πŸ™‚ Who wants to see me do well.

Food Tracking 4-11-2016

Hey guys πŸ™‚
I worked a little longer day than i originally planned (11:30-8 instead of 11:30-5.) So i wasn’t able to squeeze in a workout :/ Not to worry tho; I’ll do some yoga before bed so that’ll get me something in at least!

Breakfast –
1/2 grapefruit
1 cup Yogi Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy tea
(believe me, i love food. This was NOT by choice!! I was on a bit of a crunch for time and i actually drank the tea in the car on the way to work.)

Lunch –
Large salad
1 small handful salted, dry roasted peanuts
1 cup Vanilla SuperYogurt ($3.4ish at Wegmans for a tub) and Maple Almond Chia Seed granola (Sold by the pound…also at Wegmans ^_^ They give it to us for free in the breakroom.)

Dinner –
Brown rice and General Tso’s chicken from the Asian Bar at Wegmans ^_^
1 cup Yogi Skin Detox tea

Snacks –
Kashi Coconut Chocolate Layer Granola Bar
2 handfuls dark chocolate chips
3-4 oz white cranberry strawberry juice (mixed with 24 oz of water)
Additional 36 oz of water

My salad was quite interesting today…I tried a couple different things to change it up a bit. Again, i never have dressing on my salad, for the sole purpose that i don’t have any that i like. Wegmans does sell alot of yogurt-based dressings so i think i’ll try some of that someday soon… πŸ™‚

2 cups colorful spring mix lettuce
6 slices cucumber, cut in half
1 cooked, sliced chicken breast with salt and pepper
1 small handful shredded cheese
1/2 small Empire apple, chopped

It was good to have some of my “dessert” juice (I keep forgetting i have it, because its QUITE sweet and isn’t truly the healthiest thing…It’s a cocktail, not 100% juice, even) but it’s good for a quickie sugar fix πŸ™‚ I picked some up at the advice of a customer, because it looked amazing, but i probably won’t be getting it again…

Q of the Day – Today, i had a chance to use up my $5 coupon and hit the Asian bar at work for dinner. What’s your go-to, eat-out food? It doesn’t necessarily have to be healthy. πŸ˜› Mine are Wegmans, (about $10.50 for rice, sauce and meat) Taco Bell (about $3-5 for two tacos) and Asian Star!! (about $7.50 for rice, meat, egg roll and fortune cookie at the end ^_^, between the hours of 11 and 3 Β πŸ™‚ )




“Have you Hugged your Retail Workers Today??” (People Skills 101)

I work a retail job πŸ™‚ So does my boyfriend, and some of my best friends in New York πŸ™‚ We work at the Christian-owned craft store chain, Hobby Lobby πŸ™‚ We sell a variety of crafters things, like seasonal decorations, party supplies, scrapbooking/rubber stamps and paper, unfinished wood, clay, beads and jewelry making supplies, iron-ons, tie dye and t-shirts, paints, pastels, pencils and canvases and sketchbooks, we have our own custom framing shop, yarn, cotton thread, embroidery thread, sewing patterns and fabric, thread, synthetic flowers and flower arrangements (we do custom flower arrangements too) and two aisles of wedding supplies. πŸ™‚ oh, and the whole middle of the store is home decor stuff like chalkboards and wall hangings, picture frames, candles and furniture. It’s a pretty amazing retail store πŸ™‚ Plus we have tons of weekly sales and a coupon that takes 40% off any one item that isn’t already on sale. We’re pretty accommodating people.

Today, because one of our normal cashiers is out with a back injury, i was on the register all day instead of processing my freight in the Home Accents section. (basically, putting away all the stuff we got in delivery two days ago). I was kinda disappointed i wasn’t gonna get my stuff done, but it was whatever.
Everyone was absolutely wonderful. πŸ™‚ Honestly. Our customers are absolutely great, and i’m so thankful for them, and how understanding and friendly they are! But, there’s always a statistic. And when you get such wonderful people all day, you’re bound to get at least one truly awful person.

This middle-aged lady came up with four Thanksgiving decorations. Something about her attitude made me nervous; she just seemed very forceful and impatient. I was anxious to just get her out of the store, but she proceeded to start to pay by flinging change from her purse onto the counter. I patiently counted out $5.13 of her $36 in change, and keyed it in, because we have to do everything manually; no scanners at Hobby Lobby.
Instead, i accidentally typed $50.13, because i always get my zeros messed up. It said i owed her a bunch of change and printed a receipt.
Aww, crap.Β  Of all the people.
We both just sat frozen for a minute, and i wasn’t sure what to do.
Without saying a word, I quickly picked up the phone and paged El Little Mexican Manager, Pedro Martinez. (The lady is now telling me how she has her dog in the car and she doesn’t have time for this.)
Pedro and i have a rocky relationship, but he showed his true colors today. He came over and i explained it to him. He said what he had to do was “return” the four things, approve the return, and then ring them back in again. By now, there were 4-5 other people behind this lady who is still griping her black heart out.
She starts whining to the mom behind her, and said again that her dog was in the car and she came in for one thing and this is what happened. I explained to her what we were doing and she started telling me AGAIN about her stupid, frickin’ dog in the car, like i cared or like it would somehow make me go faster, and i politely said i understood and we were almost done. She rolls her eyes and says “oh, iΒ BETΒ you do!”
Finally, i handed her the return receipt and said i needed her to sign it and she flung the pen at me and said “no YOU sign it! Its your mistake, doll, and i’m not putting up with this-” and she kept going on and on about i made this mistake and she shouldn’t have to do anything, even sign a receipt, to fix it.
…And i just looked at her. I couldn’t believe a fully grown woman was giving me the same bullroar that my 8-year-old sister did when i lived at home.
I was like “Umm, excuse me-” And Pedro quickly interjected and just said “okay, please just approve the credit card transaction and then you’re all set-”
And she goes “UM, NO, I-” And he points out that all she needs to do is clickΒ okayΒ on the PINpad. She snatches the receipt out of my hand and walks out the door.
i just stared at Pedro. i couldn’t believe this had happened to me; that this fully grown woman made a complete and total idiot of herself in front of 4 other adults and at least one kid.

I wasn’t going to cry. Absolutely not.

The mom looked down at her daughter who was about 7 and said “Don’t you ever do that do someone, you understand? You don’t ever treat people like that.”
She came up to me and i cashed out all her craft stuff, and she said “Don’t you even worry about; some people are just so ignorant. That was awful, and she had no right to treat you like that.”
And Pedro just smiled at me “it’s okay…you’re okay…”

Then i started crying.

Like, real, lip trembling, hand shaking, tears-crying. Every person who observed the whole thing was so nice to me and said i did just fine and complimented me on not completely losing it, and that only made me cry harder.

Pedro gave me a 20-minute break instead of a 15, and i cleaned the coffee maker in the breakroom and talked to Kathie, from Fabric. She’s a mom, and it was helpful to tell the story and get it all out, and i cried a bit more. I was totally okay!!! Β I really was; i’m a big kid and i’ve been yelled at before, plenty of times…I just couldn’t understand that crazy woman…

One of the cashiers paged me to go to my register, and Pedro cancelled it. I looked at Kathie. “I think he thinks i’m broken… X’D ”

When i came back i told him “Just so you know, i appreciate the long break, but i’m a big kid, and i’ve been yelled at before. I just couldn’t believe a grown woman would make such a fool of herself; it was so dumb…”
Pedro nodded and smiled and said “Of course; i know!! i knew you were okay, but i know that when you get frustrated, or angry, it’ll make you cry. I know because i’m the same way. i just wanted you to know i understood and that if you wanted a minute to get it out, that was okay. And honestly,” (this was the best part) “If there weren’t so many other customers behind her, I would have gone off on her for you. Because that was just unacceptable.”
I just smiled.

So i got chewed up and spit out by my one rotten customer today, (the worst customer i’ve had in my 4 months of being there.) But, i got a better relationship with my manager, and i hope it will stay that way…I think our new assistant manager, Ron, is teaching him that you need to treat your people well, and they’ll die for you. Because i know Marth and i would follow Ron to the bitter end, and he’s only been here for a month or two. Because Ron knows if he wants good people, he has to treat them well. I think Pedro’s catching on too πŸ™‚

On the flip side, I got to talk to a sweet girl who’s birthday is September 2nd, (she just turned 9) and she’s having a sleepover party. She was getting canvas tote bags and puffy paint to do with her friends. πŸ™‚ I needed to ask Pedro a question, and she asked what he looked like so he could keep an eye out for when he came to my register. I told her he was the short guy with dark hair, and she spotted him right away and was super proud of herself!! X’D it was so cute πŸ™‚
There was also a sweet mom; she was so great…As a retail worker, you see lots and lots of parenting styles.
Some are like my mom who kinda let their kids be adventurous and they can look and touch but know better than to ask for or break anything, and the threat of “okay, fine, see ya later!” was a common thing when we didn’t come when we were called.
Some are more annoying then their kids, when they give the kids anything they want, at any cost, and those same people usually tend to have either horribly behaved kids, or normal kids with horribly behaved parents. I had one lady with a baby about 1 1/2 years old, and all she would do was yell “STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP! STOPPIT!!” For the entire 3 minutes of her transaction; way more annoying than her kid was.
But my favorite parents is what my mom always tried to be, and she’s actually gotten better at it. This lady had a 2-3 year old, and she squirmed and ran off at one point, and she just calmly and quickly chased her down and scooped her up…when she started to fight in line, she said “hey, hey…I need your help! Can you put these on the counter for me? Can you put the basket away?”
As the baby, of course, walked right past the basket holder and the mom sweetly redirected her, and showed her where it went…I couldn’t even deal; i just kept smiling!
It made me happy to see a parent who was bigger than her three-year-old, at least in public. It was super amazing πŸ™‚ i wish i could see her again and tell her how awesome she is πŸ™‚

But seriously. This is the life of a retail worker πŸ™‚ it’s work, its tiring. Its busy, it takes alot of energy. There’s strained relationships and best friends. There’s good people and there’s losers. You never know what has happened to the cashier 15 or 10 minutes ago, so please, make it your goal to be their favorite customer that day, no matter what happens. Especially if they make a mistake.
Tip your waitresses…and hug your retail workers, y’all. πŸ™‚ ❀

Missing You

My dearest Love, Marth;

I miss you very much tonight. Its midnight, but i still keep hoping for some reason I’ll hear the basement door and you knocking…

I know today was really long and rough for you. But you did the best you could with what you had, and i know you did an absolutely great job! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, and go to Kingdom Bound!! πŸ˜€ It’s gonna be great. πŸ™‚

I just want to tell you how proud i am of you…Learning a new job that you haven’t really done anything like before, and becoming friends with everyone so quickly…Everyone there loves you. πŸ™‚
I am so thankful for your positive attitude, and how hard you work, and just the realness of who you are. Thankyou for how much you trust me…I love putting my arm around your head while you rest on my shoulder, and i love kissing you, and making you food, haha! Thankyou for allowing me to do all these things and more… πŸ™‚

Don’t let rough days get you down, darling. They happen…you somehow miraculously make it thru…and then you go back with a better attitude tomorrow, and it’s okay. πŸ™‚
And i’ll be there with you no matter what. πŸ™‚

Keep being awesome. πŸ™‚ I love you.



A day of firsts

While i’m at work, i always pity the people who have a section of store to cover, AND a register they keep getting called to run. Today…From 1-9, I was that person. For the first time, ever. I almost died, but I was trying so hard to be positive, it really wasn’t that bad. I just felt awful cuz i wasn’t in my section at all and we were almost a half hour late leaving cuz we had to do recovery of the entire craft, papercraft and cards/party section that i didn’t get to cuz i was too busy learning how to work a register. But its a great skill to have!! I’m quickly learning how to do everything there!! ^_^

The only thing i do have a hard time with tho, is when people don’t pull their own weight or have a rotten attitude, so that’s especially why i felt bad, but also i just…hate being negative so people who push me there make me even more angry. How do you guys deal with people who tick you off, and are unnecessarily negative??

It was still a great night tho!!! i’m just super tired, and i gotta be out and at work all day (11-7) tomorrow, too. Marth works 1-10:30 tomorrow, so i won’t really get to see him either… 😦 I’m super glad he has a full-time job tho, and i’m really proud of him! πŸ™‚ I’ll probably be able to see him on wednesday morning…
My friend from work invited me to a Matt and Kim concert on Thursday night, and while i’d honestly love the experience, listening to “Get It” is making me kinda miss the depth of lyrics that twenty-one pilots has. I mean, I’d love to hang out with Cassie; i absolutely adore her. But idk if i want to do it listening to cursing, pointless lyrics and staying up ridiculously late; my music is kinda like a piece of my heart and the shadow of my soul and i take it seriously, ya know?
I’ll have to talk to her by thursday morning. I just hope i can do it in a way that says she’s still my best friend at work, and i really do want to hang out with her…

I’m gonna finish my Big Bang episode on TBS; my brain is too tired to scheme good ideas right now.

Today was a good, good day :)

Dark and stormy nights call for Phineas and Ferb on Netflix, and white chocolate cocoa with cinnamon πŸ™‚

photo (3)
πŸ™‚ I got to eat french toast for breakfast, work out, fold laundry and do dishes today!! πŸ™‚ And then i left for work at 12:30. I love my job so very much!! Me and one of the CSMs, Stephany, were working on pricing and organizing clearance stuff, and she said she and her co-CSM were talking and the other girl said I made her laugh alot, cuz i was super happy and loved being there. Later, I was talking to one of the assistant managers, Kirsten, about learning to work in the custom frame shop. Kirsten and the two other managers are the only ones who are trained to work in there, and only one of them is ever there at a time. She said she’d love for me to train to be in there, and I said i’d love it too, cuz then i could be indispensable. I enjoy learning to do stuff nobody else wants to or knows how to do. Kirsten just laughed and said i was already on my way there, “Cuz you’re super perky, and happy to be here, and you work really quickly.” I kinda hid behind my hands and laughed. They’re all so nice to me there!! I don’t understand how anyone could NOT love being there!! I’m really hoping to be here a long time, if i can. It seems like it’s gonna take alot to climb the corporate ladder, but i hope i can! πŸ™‚ I’m just happy to be working again. πŸ™‚
After work, I went to Marth’s house, and me and his mom talked for a bit, and then me and him and his dad watched Jurassic Park II (Not the best, but it’s Jurassic Park, so it’s pretty good πŸ™‚ ) and part of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Marth was really tired tho, and we’re gonna make whoopie pies tomorrow after church, so we decided to go to bed sorta-kinda on time. πŸ™‚