Captain America: Civil War Trailer!

Guys Guys GUYYYSSS i’m about to lose it. I thought the last scene was a joke!!! whhaaallllllllaaaaaa i’m so excited!!! I’ve seen a Marvel movie every year for my birthday since the first Captain America and i’m super excited that this might just be the best one yet!! 😀

Advertisements Order #3 ^_^

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The day has arrived…I’ve been waiting since the 7th for this box!! 😀
I just have to brag on this company so much right now…they are just wonderful!!
I usually place my orders on late Thursday night and receive them on Tuesday night. I was super disappointed that i didn’t get it last night, but i checked the mail the next day around noon and it was there! 😀 and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait!

First, I ordered 9 masks and a blemish cream.

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Most of them are re-orders; there’s 5 total here 🙂 I have acne and sebum trouble with my chin and t-zone so i love the teatree one!! Now that i switched to VaniCream soap and lotion, most of my acne has cleared (i’ll do a review on that in the future, as well!) and i just have residual dark spots and scarring from previous spots :/ so i’m super excited for the illuminating one, that, tho i’ve used before, it didn’t really accomplish it’s intended purpose because my acne was so bad. :/ i hope it will improve them!
The snail bee one is just amazing. If you ever want to choose and just try ONE mask, you should get this one. It’s $2, which is cheap for snail excretion and bee venom, it fits my face just fine, and it’s loaded with essence! It can make your skin kinda sticky afterwords, but oh my gosh, my skin feels like new afterwords!!

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These are new purchases, specifically for my remaining acne in hopes that i can clear it up a bit! The cream was actually a little smaller than i expected it to be, for $10, but it’s not one of those things you’ll need to use alot of…I’ve heard nothing but good things tho about it, so i’m hoping it will be worth it!

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Best part???
I do want to say that from both and, i’ve gotten free stuff! but this is the most free stuff i’ve ever gotten at once before!! These aren’t on the receipt and there’s no mention of them; they’re just in the box with my stuff ^_^ the TONYMOLY tomato is a sample size, but there is a FULL-SIZED, EXTRA mask stuck in my box! 😀 that’s at least $1-2 worth of free mask!! 😀 i was so pumped…

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As always, the staff are super personal, and super cute! ❤ My full name was also typed in 22-point font at the top of the receipt as well, with some cute little drawings. ^_^
I’ve just never had a bad experience with them! 🙂
I always buy just $30 worth, because then i get free shipping from them. ^_^ ( requires $50 :/ that’s the ONLY reason i don’t buy from them more frequently because they have great stuff as well!!)

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SO, yeah! 😀 i’m so pumped, and i just had to brag on them for a bit, because they’re just amazing, and i’m always so excited to order and receive from them! 😀 It just goes to show that a little extra presentation, personalization, and just being great is worth it! ❤ i’d recommend them to anyone 🙂

…Now, to go take a bath and try one of these out! ^_^