Gayle: Episode 11 – Croutons

In case you haven’t yet mastered Prude Seal pose, Slutty Seal, or High-Functioning Autistic Coyote, Gayle Waters-Waters twin sister, Aunt Lisa has all the yoga tips. XD

This guy is almost too goofy for me, but oh my goodness, he does have some good stuff!!


Frushi!! <3

Eep!! 😀 this just looks adorable!! I sure hope it all works out the way it looks…a trick for me will be getting the mango sliced thin enough, and i’ve also been told that 1 cup of coconut milk is too much, so if you attempt it, take those things to mind… I’ve also never used a sushi mat before but i know Wegmans sells them, and from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like it’ll be too hard! I plan on making two rolls, exactly the way these two are (strawberry/pineapple with mango and strawberry/kiwi and coconut 🙂 )

twenty-one pilots – Stressed Out [Blurryface]

“We used to play pretend, give eachother different names, we’d build a rocket ship, and we’d fly it far away, Used to dream of outer space, now they’re laughing in our face, saying ‘Wake up; you need to make money!’ …Ew.” (I know it’s ‘Yo’, but Marth and I always sing it ‘ew’.)

“My name’s BlurryFace, and i care what you think.” ❤