Caring for A Sick Body

Hello all 🙂 I’ve been nursing along a bugger of a cold recently, and i’ve been doing alot of homework, reading and study about ways to care for and prevent common ailments without immediately running to the doctor or buying meds.
So here’s a few things i’ve been doing the past couple days that have helped considerably in my fight against the changing seasons and my weakened immune system!

1. Echinacea Tea by YOGI

This tea is wonderful! I’ve been drinking 1-3 cups a day, and it really is the shot in the arm to your immune system. Echinacea is a plant that has been used for centuries to fight infections. I’ve been adding some raw honey, and a lemon wedge to it as well.

2. Gargling warm salt water

This is good for if you have a sore, scratchy throat or feel a sore throat coming on. Salt is antibacterial, the heat soothes, and a mucousy nasty throat is just a museum of bacteria and infection just waiting for opening day! Gargle the stuff, spit it out and cough up whatever else will come out too! Once a day should suffice. 🙂

3. Raw Honey

According to what i’ve read, this stuff is better than over-the-counter cough and cold medicine, and after yesterday, i believe it.
I scooped up some on my way out of Wegmans yesterday, and downed a spoonful as soon as i got into the car.
Honey is also a centuries-old antibacterial and soothing agent, and my throat felt better after that one bit!
It is QUITE sweet tho, for me, so today i’ve just been mixing as much into my tea as can possibly be absorbed (about 2 TBS) and drinking it that way.

4. Breathing Peppermint Oil Steam

I turned on my teakettle with about 2 cups of water and about 4 drops of peppermint essential oil, and let it steam. I lean over it and breathe it in, plugging one nostril and then the other. You can feel the fumes on your throat and it really does make everything loosen up! I’d blow my nose frequently inbetween.

5. Garlic caplets
Marth’s mum gave me about a hundred of these little guys, and it’s just garlic, in pill form (also an infecticide) I pop about three of them a day when i’m sick.

6. Water!!!!!!!!
I know, i know everyone says stay hydrated when you’re sick, but it’s so true!! Drink at least two quarts of water a day (which you should be drinking anyway, but its easier said than done.)
Drink water, until your eyeballs are floating, and then drink some more! it helps flush all the bad stuff out of your body and it needs that hydration to fix stuff up inside.

7. Orange/Citrus Juice and Fruit
Vitamin C it up, my people! Your body needs all the help it can get when it’s fighting infections or your defenses are weakened. I drink about 2 glasses of orange-pineapple juice and/or eat at least half a grapefruit or orange a day when i start feeling a cold coming and when i have it.

8. Restorative Yoga
Working out honestly is the last thing i feel like doing when i’m sick, but i don’t want the week or so to become a complete and total loss. Today i did about an hour of SarahBeth Yoga’s Deep Stretch Restorative Yoga, that’s mostly just lying/stretching into positions, not so much of a physical challenge. It’s kinda like running in place or speedwalking; you’re doing the motion without straining or committing your body to as much work, just to keep it tip-top and on it’s toes. 🙂

Seriously tho. Your body needs to heal and repair itself, and it does that during your sleep cycle. It becomes even more important when you’re sick to allow the body the time it needs of rest. 8 hours or more a night, ESPECIALLY when you’re sick, but every night is best, really.
Something i really struggled with as i’ve grown up is seeing sleep as something lazy; it’s one of those things you just have to do to stay alive, as little as you can stand, because sleeping more than 6-8 hours/ past 9:30 makes you lazy. That’s just not true! Especially when you’re sick, just because your eyes snap open at 7:30 because that’s what you’re used to, doesn’t mean you have to force yourself out of bed then. If you can afford to fall back to sleep until 8:30 or quarter to 9, to round off an even 8-8 1/2 hours of sleep, go for it. it’s that important.

Now if you end up with a seriously struggling throat or no voice, some times some drugstore meds aren’t a bad idea. My immediate go-to is…

10. Hall’s Menthol Cough Drops
They come in a blue package and they taste like antifreeze, but they do wonders for a dry, sore or painful throat/cough! Good for on-the-go to have in your pocket at work, school, the like. 🙂

So, that’s what i’ve been doing this whole week! ^_^ While i feel bad for not blogging, writing or painting as much as i usually would, i have listened to alot of music, and worked about 43 hours, taken care of my house and slept alot!
Speaking of sleep, because i just preached on how important that is, i should be practicing it… 😉

Q of the Day – What are your go-to survival techniques for seasonal sickness/allergies?


Food Tracking 4-11-2016

Hey guys 🙂
I worked a little longer day than i originally planned (11:30-8 instead of 11:30-5.) So i wasn’t able to squeeze in a workout :/ Not to worry tho; I’ll do some yoga before bed so that’ll get me something in at least!

Breakfast –
1/2 grapefruit
1 cup Yogi Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy tea
(believe me, i love food. This was NOT by choice!! I was on a bit of a crunch for time and i actually drank the tea in the car on the way to work.)

Lunch –
Large salad
1 small handful salted, dry roasted peanuts
1 cup Vanilla SuperYogurt ($3.4ish at Wegmans for a tub) and Maple Almond Chia Seed granola (Sold by the pound…also at Wegmans ^_^ They give it to us for free in the breakroom.)

Dinner –
Brown rice and General Tso’s chicken from the Asian Bar at Wegmans ^_^
1 cup Yogi Skin Detox tea

Snacks –
Kashi Coconut Chocolate Layer Granola Bar
2 handfuls dark chocolate chips
3-4 oz white cranberry strawberry juice (mixed with 24 oz of water)
Additional 36 oz of water

My salad was quite interesting today…I tried a couple different things to change it up a bit. Again, i never have dressing on my salad, for the sole purpose that i don’t have any that i like. Wegmans does sell alot of yogurt-based dressings so i think i’ll try some of that someday soon… 🙂

2 cups colorful spring mix lettuce
6 slices cucumber, cut in half
1 cooked, sliced chicken breast with salt and pepper
1 small handful shredded cheese
1/2 small Empire apple, chopped

It was good to have some of my “dessert” juice (I keep forgetting i have it, because its QUITE sweet and isn’t truly the healthiest thing…It’s a cocktail, not 100% juice, even) but it’s good for a quickie sugar fix 🙂 I picked some up at the advice of a customer, because it looked amazing, but i probably won’t be getting it again…

Q of the Day – Today, i had a chance to use up my $5 coupon and hit the Asian bar at work for dinner. What’s your go-to, eat-out food? It doesn’t necessarily have to be healthy. 😛 Mine are Wegmans, (about $10.50 for rice, sauce and meat) Taco Bell (about $3-5 for two tacos) and Asian Star!! (about $7.50 for rice, meat, egg roll and fortune cookie at the end ^_^, between the hours of 11 and 3  🙂 )




Food Tracking 4-8-2016

🙂 Today was a quieter day and i’m up a little late so that usually results in not-so-great choices. But here it is anyhow 🙂

Breakfast –
flaxseed waffle and a little syrup
4oz pineapple orange juice
1 cup yogi Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy tea ($3.99 for a box of 16 tea bags at Wegmans)

Lunch –
Simple chicken salad (no dressing)
-romaine lettuce mix
-cucumber slices (99 cents at Wegmans)
-small handful of shredded cheese
-small cooked chicken breast

Dinner –
Little Caesar’s bacon-wrapped pizza, 1 quarter
2 pieces cheese bread

Snacks –
1 cup key lime SuperYogurt (89 cents a cup from Wegmans)
Annie’s White Cheddar Bunnies
1 Large handful of red grapes
1 French Vanilla Crumb muffin from Wegmans ($1ish…seriously one of the most amazing things in the world!! i basically inhaled it…)
2 chocolate chip cookies from Marth’s mum 🙂
1 red velvet cupcake. For no other reason except that i wanted it. And my biological clock is funky right now as it’s trying to reset itself this month, so i’m entitled for at least today. No excuses tomorrow tho 😛

So that’s me! Unfortunately you can definitely see that the later on it gets in the day, and the more tired i get, the worse i start eating. So getting to bed on time is important, and a real struggle recently. It just takes my brain so much time to wind down at the end of the day….

Q of the Day – What is a fitness/healthier lifestyle goal you have? (short-term, specific)

Frushi!! <3

Eep!! 😀 this just looks adorable!! I sure hope it all works out the way it looks…a trick for me will be getting the mango sliced thin enough, and i’ve also been told that 1 cup of coconut milk is too much, so if you attempt it, take those things to mind… I’ve also never used a sushi mat before but i know Wegmans sells them, and from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like it’ll be too hard! I plan on making two rolls, exactly the way these two are (strawberry/pineapple with mango and strawberry/kiwi and coconut 🙂 )

Food Tracking 4/4/2016

So i’m keeping up this food tracking thing, not just on days that i do good, but hopefully every day, so i can identify places i tend to cave in my diet. 🙂

8oz Tropicana Farmstand Green juice ($2.99 at Wegmans)
(contains one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables in 8 oz, which is why i like it! ^_^)
1 Flaxseed waffle ($1.99 for 6 at Wegmans)
1/2 grapefruit (4/$5 at Wegmans)

I also sneaked in a half-hour upper body workout and a 20 minute yoga sesh. (I’m learning to do backbends!! 😀 )
Marth came over and we made lunch together too!

1 small Round-eye steak ($7ish for 4 at Aldi)
1/2 package Idahoan mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese and ketchup ($1 at Walmart)
1 glass whole milk
5 strawberries and dark chocolate/1 tsp coconut oil sauce.

Kashi dark chocolate coconut granola bar ($2.99 for a box of 6 at Wegmans)
1 handful of Annie’s white cheddar bunnies
2 large handfuls of Nestle dark chocolate chips ( i know i know….it was too much and my tummy isn’t really stoked about it now)
1 small Empire apple
1 Sargento sharp cheddar cheese stick
1 cup vanilla SuperYogurt with probiotics and 3 TBS of maple almond granola (granola was free in the breakroom of Wegmans and the yogurt is $3ish for a tub)
1 cup echinacea tea
2+ quarts of water with strawberries in it

Spicy Chipotle hummus ($1.99 at Wegmans)
Santitita’s white corn chips ($2.00)
1 glass 2% milk

Sooooo i guess we’ve established that chocolate is a struggle point for me. Steak and instant potatoes are a big deal for Marth and i; we don’t have them very often. I’ve also been trying to alternate a bit with my fruits and vegetables.

Living alone, it’s hard for me to eat them ALL, before they go bad. This week, i have strawberries and grapes for fruits, and salad mix/ cucumbers for vegetables. I started with strawberries on Saturday, and then grapes on Sunday, and back to strawberries today. 🙂
I also am trying to substitute one meal a day with a simple chicken/cucumber/salad mix bowl (no dressing, but i do add cheese or apple pieces occasionally. )
Wegmans also has mixes like apples and pomegranate salad! It’s about $3.50 a bag, so idk if i’ll splurge (i usually spend $1.50-$2.50ish) but who knows!! ^_^

If you can afford to experiment with some foods, go for it! 🙂 And even if its not your favorite or you wouldn’t buy it again, tough it out and finish it up, and try something new next week 🙂

My project for next week as i’m writing my shopping list is fruit sushi/Frushi!! 😀 I’ll post a link to the video i found for how to make it, so you can check it out! i have absolutely no experience with any kind of sushi, but i love rice and fruit, so i’m hoping it’ll be a good snacky item! ^_^

Q of the Day –
Whats a healthy food item (drink, snack, etc) you want to make or try?

Off to have my tea 🙂 Gnight!

Food Tracking 4/2/2016

So i’ve started a new diet the past couple days! (not a “lose weight” diet, just an “eat better” diet 😛 )
It mainly involves more fruits and vegetables, and conscious thought, and less processed food, binge and stress-eating.
I took a shopping trip to Wegman’s last night and prepped myself for the week. 🙂

The next few blog posts will just be an itemized list of what i ate and how i prepared it, along with perhaps a few pictures! 🙂
I’ve decided if i ever get around to going back to school, i’d like to become a dietitian, and work in either a school or a hospital, maybe even at a Wegman’s store (because i love them!)

Breakfast –
Half a Bolthouse Farms mango protein smoothie ($1.70ish at Walmart)

Snack –
Half a grapefruit (4/$5 at Wegmans)
Sargento Sharp Cheddar Cheese stick ($3ish at Walmart)
Empire apple ($3.99 for a 3 lb bag at Wegmans)
Handful of Annie’s White Cheddar Bunny crackers (2/$5 at Wegmans or 2/$4 when they’re on sale at Target)

Lunch –
Romaine salad mix ($3.99/bag at Wegmans)
Cooked chicken breast ($5.99/bag, frozen at Walmart)
Small handful of shredded cheddar ($3-something a bag at Walmart)

Snack/Chocolate Craving –
Small handful Nestle dark chocolate chips ($2.99 at Wegmans)

Dinner –
Gorton’s frozen breaded fish fillets ($2.99 for a box of 6 at Wegmans)
1 Russet Potato, sliced, roasted with oil and lemon pepper seasoning ($1.70ish for 2 at Wegmans)
1 glass whole milk ($2ish per gallon at Wegmans, on sale)

Dessert –
8-10 strawberries, quartered ($2.99/1 lb at Wegmans)
1/3 cup milk chocolate chips and 1 tsp unrefined coconut oil, melted together to make dipping sauce

1+ quarts of water
1 cup of Echinacea tea ($2.99 per box at Wegmans)

So the milk chocolate chips were my only majorly unhealthy choice of the day, and i also took a bath instead of working out. But you know, sometimes you just need those days to just chill and watch Reba for two hours straight. X’D

My words of wisdom for you as i undertake all of this and hopefully as it challenges you to think about what you eat too, focus on health for LIFE, not health for LOOKS. It’s not just about getting skinnier. If that’s your only goal, you’ll burn out FAST. Thats just not enough of a goal to stick to. You’re not going to see results fast enough to make you happy.

Stay tuned for my next food endeavor, (hopefully coming next week) is fruit sushi!! Look up some pictures; it’s adorable!! ^_^

10 Ways I’m Losing Weight, The Healthy Way, Every Day. ^_^

1. Drink water
-as soon as you wake up, as much as you can handle. You’re usually thirsty in the morning anyway so it works out 🙂
-with lemon in it. Lemon kickstarts your metabolism and i find myself drinking more when it doesn’t just taste like water. I keep mine in a quart mason jar and drink it with a straw…I could suck down 3-4 quarts a day.
-but don’t exceed 2 gallons a day, or you’ll start flushing out electrolytes and that will do more harm than good.

2. Commit to doing SOMETHING active, every day, whether it’s doing 15 minutes of yoga, or running a half-marathon; whatever you can do, EVERY. DAY. No matter what, don’t stop moving. No matter what you’re doing.
-If you’re having a conversation in a hallway, do wall sits. If you’re watching tv, do crunches and lat pulloevers. It’s not hard, just takes a little extra background brain-focus.
-If the weather is nice, spend the afternoon with a friend walking, playing hockey, frisbee, whatever you have the equipment for, instead of watching just netflix.
-Make it FUN! Because it IS fun!
Being active releases feel-good hormones, and who doesn’t want those?? The hardest part is just initially getting into it.

3. Realize that “feeling hungry” is most often way more of an emotional and mental state, rather than a physical one. Learn to tell the difference between “hungry” and “bored”. If you’re not hungry enough to eat a fruit or vegetable, you’re not really hungry.

4. Eat when YOU are physically hungry, and only enough to make you NOT physically hungry anymore. Making food at home is a great way to do that, because most restaurant/fast food is way more calories than you even need in a DAY, much less a meal. Never eat until you’re uncomfortable, anywhere for any reason. It’s not worth it, then or later.

5. Portion your snacks, and then put the rest away, so even if you do have a day when you feel like you need more (for any reason), at least you have to convince yourself that having more is worth getting up and getting the package out and open again.

6. Make sure “treat yo’self” is an actual TREAT. Pay attention between treats, because sometimes it feels like it’s been alot longer than it has actually been.

7. Share your techniques and learnings with others; it keeps you focused and motivated while you motivate others too 🙂

8. Avoid “cooler drinks”; 90% of them aren’t gonna do anything for you, hydration-wise or other. You shouldn’t be drinking your calories, to the best of your ability. (Milk doesn’t count; i’m talking pop, booze, concentrated juice, etc)
In your drinks, aim for 22-25 grams of sugar per serving or less. (unless it’s a treat. Even then, aim for 1 serving; most bottled beverages have at least 2.) A good way to go is all-natural tea. (PureLeaf: Not Too Sweet and Honest-T are my personal favs ^_^ )

9. One fruit, one vegetable. Every day. (100% fruit juice counts; Keep an eye on the sugar content tho with that. Currently in my fridge i have orange juice and cucumbers for this week 🙂 It’ll keep you from filling up on other things that aren’t as good for you.
Note: If i do get 100% juice, i usually will make sure i drink 1 serving size (8oz) only if it’s mango or orange juice. If i get a more water-based juice, like cranberry, apple, etc, i’ll use 4oz juice and fill the rest of the glass with water; be it 8oz or 32oz.

10. Remember that YOU own YOUR body, NOT the other way around. It won’t last forever, but your soul will. So, do the best you can, while you have it, to make it the way you want. It’s gonna be hard either way, so make the hard worth it. 🙂

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Teas : An Introduction

photo (2)

So I promised I’d talk about tea 🙂 On average, I drink about 2-5 cups of straight tea a day, some hot and some iced, some with honey.
While i do know alot about this, but i honestly forget exactly where i acquired all the information…so i did some cross-referencing online to make sure the things i posted were accurate.

  • Green Tea: Heightens metabolism. As someone with health issues causing a slow metabolism, this stuff is my go-to tea. Its also real good, heart-healthy-wise. My digestive system and skin also has become quite sensitive and will notice if i go a while without drinking any of this. It’s all about teaching your body what’s good for it. 🙂
    Favorites – Green tea with pomegranate (Bigelow), Green Tea with superfruit (Lipton)
  • Black Tea: We live in a culture where everything is fried, sauted or baked in oil, and we all know the heavy-stomach feeling of eating too much of said food. Black tea aids in lowering cholesterol and helps clean some of that ickyness out. The taste does have a bit of a bite to it, as well as the highest concentration of caffeine of all the teas, so I’d recommend two teaspoons or so of honey in it, and don’t drink it before bed.
    Favorite – Spiced Chai (Bigelow)
  • Flavored Tea: While it’s definitely the least healthy of all of these, I will occasionally indulge myself in a peach or raspberry PureLeaf or an Honest Tea. The biggest thing with this is that the tea part is usually watered down, so you don’t get all the benefits of a brewed cup, and you’d be amazed how much sugar they’ll try to sneak in one of those suckers. (my rule is no more than 25 grams of sugar in a serving size, for ANY beverages. ((I don’t drink alot of pop, haha))
    The point? It’s a way healthier alternative to pop or concentrated fruit juice/cocktail. Just don’t convince yourself that drinking only flavored tea is making you healthier, and keep an eye on that sugar content.
    Favorites – Peach, Raspberry, Green Tea: Not Too Sweet (PureLeaf), Moroccan Mint (Honest Tea), Strawberry Red (FUZE)
  • Herbal Tea: So herbal tea isn’t even actually a tea leaf; its mostly made of herbs, spices and other yummy stuff. So, it’s still got some good benefits, but not necessarily those exclusive to tea. For example, chamomile or lavender is good, across the board, for helping sleep, fruits are good antioxidants, and peppermint calms upset stomachs.
    Favorites: Fruit Sampler, Mint/Peppermint, Tension Tamer (Celestial) 

Well, and there you have it!! The breakdown of the teas in the life of me. 🙂 Recipes to follow… 😉