Well, hello there. :)

I’m a writer, artist, nerd and creative-enthusiast (tho I definitely wouldn’t call myself a hipster). I’m 20 years old, finally moved out on my own, currently based out in Western New York, just five minutes away from the home of my sweet fiance, Marth. 😀
I’ve left the forests, wildlife and log cabins of Maine to a place where there’s actual sidewalks instead of dirt roads! It’s been quite the adventure, and I’m thankful I have good friends to be at my side thru it. 🙂
I’m a consistently, often aggravatingly, positive person, but I know what it’s like to go thru hard times too, so don’t be afraid to ask questions, okay? I mean, I won’t be any worse for wear if you don’t, but I do enjoy social interaction. 😛
So, make yourself a cup of tea, grab a fuzzy blanket and a cat, and some good music (actually, don’t worry about the music; I’ll post plenty of that for you 😉 ) and journey thru life with me. 🙂 What say you?

-jaykorhyen AKA Meyla O’Niall

photo (1)

“…You walked around the house, wearing my sky-blue Lacoste, and your knee socks.” -Arctic Monkeys


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