REFOCUS – New Minds, New Mantras


On Sunday, i decided this week, when i had most of my days/mornings free, i needed to start something different. The mantra that sprang into my brain was “More Reading and Music, Less TV.”
I’m one of those people who doesn’t actually “watch” tv; i just have it playing pretty much consistently in the background, because my mind doesn’t like being left alone. I’m also a little absent-minded too, and having the same tv programs on all the time helps me know what time it is.
But there’s also other things that i’ve noticed that aren’t so good…i can literally feel my brain rotting out of my head at times, and i have a hard time tearing myself away to do creative things i do like. That freaks me out a bit, because i don’t want to lose the skills i do have.

I also have more books on marriage and home life than you could shake a stick at, thanks to so many people who have given me these wonderful resources in the light of my upcoming wedding in two months 🙂
So all that said, i really just needed a reshift and i wanted it to last.
I forewent all my usual weights and resistance training thru BeachBody and have been under the virtual guidance of the lovely SarahBethYoga as i made this week specifically dedicated to yoga for my physical exercise. Usually it’s just about half an hour of Power Vinyasa but today i really focused on my very inflexible hips. I created my own practice and ended with a quicky heart-pounding-sweat-dripping Power routine.

I pretty severely twerked out my neck and right shoulder weird last night so i started with this, just to loosen up a tad.

Note : Notice the difference between a routine and a practice.
Routine = a short segment or flow that is meant to be a part of a longer session.
Practice = A stand-alone yoga session. Usually 30 minutes+. 🙂 

I started the practice with this beginner routine, because my hips are just that bad haha. Just to ease myself into it

This third video, Sarah herself actually recommended to me, because i mentioned i had finally gotten half-pigeon, which i normally have to modify because my hips don’t allow my weight to be distributed evenly.

The props are SO helpful and this was the bulk of my practice. Modifying is okay. The more you do it, the better you get. I enjoy looking back at certain poses and stretches that i previously wasn’t able to do at all, and now i do them like they’re nothing. 🙂 Stick with it.

Just to pick it back up a bit, while my legs were all stretched out and ready to do some work, i did this quick lower body flexibility routine.


I had this last one on the back burner in case i was feeling strong (i was, and i’m so glad i did it!)

This was PERFECT; just enough to get me sweating and working without throwing in poses i didn’t know or being overwhelming.
My focus in these practices is “The more you do it, the better you get.” No matter what, just do something, every day.

Alot of thing are like that. I’ve been struggling with some things recently; alot of fear and pride that has kept me from making proper decisions, as well as anxious thoughts that have kept me from being the most productive i could be. But no matter what, if i can counteract one bad decision with a good one, each day, or squash down one anxious thought a day, i’m making progress. It will get easier. 🙂

I’ve missed you all.
It’s good to be writing again. 🙂

Looking forward to a full week of prayer and study next week.