Apologies :(

Hey everybody,
i’m really sorry i haven’t had anything to say these past couple days; yesterday was honestly one of the hardest days i’ve had since moving here. Definitely in the top three, for sure.

I’ve been frantically hunting for a car because i put it off too long and my car was on life support this whole week. I found one i liked, but thru alot of crazy circumstances that mostly resulted from my own ignorance, it would be a while before i could actually have it. So when my car died yesterday, i didn’t have any clue what i was going to do.

All this said, i’m so thankful for the two families i have who i know love me. My big word of this year has been “provision”; where God has made it possible for me to exist, live and even thrive, against all odds!!
It’s gonna be okay 🙂 I’m getting my parents’ old car on Sunday, and Marth’s family and i have coordinated sharing their cars until then, so while it was crazy-stressful getting to this point, it’s all good now.

Marth. Oh my. If i ever thought i loved that man before…i was completely blown away by how wonderful he was to me yesterday at a time when i needed him so badly.
He was so patient and caring, even in the face of my overwhelming emotions and frustration. He never made me feel like a burden or like i was being stupid; he just gave me hugs and talked to me and let me talk…and especially just let me know he loved me. I hope and pray that i never forget why i chose him.

I’m so thankful.


Frushi!! <3

Eep!! 😀 this just looks adorable!! I sure hope it all works out the way it looks…a trick for me will be getting the mango sliced thin enough, and i’ve also been told that 1 cup of coconut milk is too much, so if you attempt it, take those things to mind… I’ve also never used a sushi mat before but i know Wegmans sells them, and from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like it’ll be too hard! I plan on making two rolls, exactly the way these two are (strawberry/pineapple with mango and strawberry/kiwi and coconut 🙂 )

Food Tracking 4/4/2016

So i’m keeping up this food tracking thing, not just on days that i do good, but hopefully every day, so i can identify places i tend to cave in my diet. 🙂

8oz Tropicana Farmstand Green juice ($2.99 at Wegmans)
(contains one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables in 8 oz, which is why i like it! ^_^)
1 Flaxseed waffle ($1.99 for 6 at Wegmans)
1/2 grapefruit (4/$5 at Wegmans)

I also sneaked in a half-hour upper body workout and a 20 minute yoga sesh. (I’m learning to do backbends!! 😀 )
Marth came over and we made lunch together too!

1 small Round-eye steak ($7ish for 4 at Aldi)
1/2 package Idahoan mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese and ketchup ($1 at Walmart)
1 glass whole milk
5 strawberries and dark chocolate/1 tsp coconut oil sauce.

Kashi dark chocolate coconut granola bar ($2.99 for a box of 6 at Wegmans)
1 handful of Annie’s white cheddar bunnies
2 large handfuls of Nestle dark chocolate chips ( i know i know….it was too much and my tummy isn’t really stoked about it now)
1 small Empire apple
1 Sargento sharp cheddar cheese stick
1 cup vanilla SuperYogurt with probiotics and 3 TBS of maple almond granola (granola was free in the breakroom of Wegmans and the yogurt is $3ish for a tub)
1 cup echinacea tea
2+ quarts of water with strawberries in it

Spicy Chipotle hummus ($1.99 at Wegmans)
Santitita’s white corn chips ($2.00)
1 glass 2% milk

Sooooo i guess we’ve established that chocolate is a struggle point for me. Steak and instant potatoes are a big deal for Marth and i; we don’t have them very often. I’ve also been trying to alternate a bit with my fruits and vegetables.

Living alone, it’s hard for me to eat them ALL, before they go bad. This week, i have strawberries and grapes for fruits, and salad mix/ cucumbers for vegetables. I started with strawberries on Saturday, and then grapes on Sunday, and back to strawberries today. 🙂
I also am trying to substitute one meal a day with a simple chicken/cucumber/salad mix bowl (no dressing, but i do add cheese or apple pieces occasionally. )
Wegmans also has mixes like apples and pomegranate salad! It’s about $3.50 a bag, so idk if i’ll splurge (i usually spend $1.50-$2.50ish) but who knows!! ^_^

If you can afford to experiment with some foods, go for it! 🙂 And even if its not your favorite or you wouldn’t buy it again, tough it out and finish it up, and try something new next week 🙂

My project for next week as i’m writing my shopping list is fruit sushi/Frushi!! 😀 I’ll post a link to the video i found for how to make it, so you can check it out! i have absolutely no experience with any kind of sushi, but i love rice and fruit, so i’m hoping it’ll be a good snacky item! ^_^

Q of the Day –
Whats a healthy food item (drink, snack, etc) you want to make or try?

Off to have my tea 🙂 Gnight!

Food Tracking 4/2/2016

So i’ve started a new diet the past couple days! (not a “lose weight” diet, just an “eat better” diet 😛 )
It mainly involves more fruits and vegetables, and conscious thought, and less processed food, binge and stress-eating.
I took a shopping trip to Wegman’s last night and prepped myself for the week. 🙂

The next few blog posts will just be an itemized list of what i ate and how i prepared it, along with perhaps a few pictures! 🙂
I’ve decided if i ever get around to going back to school, i’d like to become a dietitian, and work in either a school or a hospital, maybe even at a Wegman’s store (because i love them!)

Breakfast –
Half a Bolthouse Farms mango protein smoothie ($1.70ish at Walmart)

Snack –
Half a grapefruit (4/$5 at Wegmans)
Sargento Sharp Cheddar Cheese stick ($3ish at Walmart)
Empire apple ($3.99 for a 3 lb bag at Wegmans)
Handful of Annie’s White Cheddar Bunny crackers (2/$5 at Wegmans or 2/$4 when they’re on sale at Target)

Lunch –
Romaine salad mix ($3.99/bag at Wegmans)
Cooked chicken breast ($5.99/bag, frozen at Walmart)
Small handful of shredded cheddar ($3-something a bag at Walmart)

Snack/Chocolate Craving –
Small handful Nestle dark chocolate chips ($2.99 at Wegmans)

Dinner –
Gorton’s frozen breaded fish fillets ($2.99 for a box of 6 at Wegmans)
1 Russet Potato, sliced, roasted with oil and lemon pepper seasoning ($1.70ish for 2 at Wegmans)
1 glass whole milk ($2ish per gallon at Wegmans, on sale)

Dessert –
8-10 strawberries, quartered ($2.99/1 lb at Wegmans)
1/3 cup milk chocolate chips and 1 tsp unrefined coconut oil, melted together to make dipping sauce

1+ quarts of water
1 cup of Echinacea tea ($2.99 per box at Wegmans)

So the milk chocolate chips were my only majorly unhealthy choice of the day, and i also took a bath instead of working out. But you know, sometimes you just need those days to just chill and watch Reba for two hours straight. X’D

My words of wisdom for you as i undertake all of this and hopefully as it challenges you to think about what you eat too, focus on health for LIFE, not health for LOOKS. It’s not just about getting skinnier. If that’s your only goal, you’ll burn out FAST. Thats just not enough of a goal to stick to. You’re not going to see results fast enough to make you happy.

Stay tuned for my next food endeavor, (hopefully coming next week) is fruit sushi!! Look up some pictures; it’s adorable!! ^_^