Food Tracking 4/4/2016

So i’m keeping up this food tracking thing, not just on days that i do good, but hopefully every day, so i can identify places i tend to cave in my diet. 🙂

8oz Tropicana Farmstand Green juice ($2.99 at Wegmans)
(contains one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables in 8 oz, which is why i like it! ^_^)
1 Flaxseed waffle ($1.99 for 6 at Wegmans)
1/2 grapefruit (4/$5 at Wegmans)

I also sneaked in a half-hour upper body workout and a 20 minute yoga sesh. (I’m learning to do backbends!! 😀 )
Marth came over and we made lunch together too!

1 small Round-eye steak ($7ish for 4 at Aldi)
1/2 package Idahoan mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese and ketchup ($1 at Walmart)
1 glass whole milk
5 strawberries and dark chocolate/1 tsp coconut oil sauce.

Kashi dark chocolate coconut granola bar ($2.99 for a box of 6 at Wegmans)
1 handful of Annie’s white cheddar bunnies
2 large handfuls of Nestle dark chocolate chips ( i know i know….it was too much and my tummy isn’t really stoked about it now)
1 small Empire apple
1 Sargento sharp cheddar cheese stick
1 cup vanilla SuperYogurt with probiotics and 3 TBS of maple almond granola (granola was free in the breakroom of Wegmans and the yogurt is $3ish for a tub)
1 cup echinacea tea
2+ quarts of water with strawberries in it

Spicy Chipotle hummus ($1.99 at Wegmans)
Santitita’s white corn chips ($2.00)
1 glass 2% milk

Sooooo i guess we’ve established that chocolate is a struggle point for me. Steak and instant potatoes are a big deal for Marth and i; we don’t have them very often. I’ve also been trying to alternate a bit with my fruits and vegetables.

Living alone, it’s hard for me to eat them ALL, before they go bad. This week, i have strawberries and grapes for fruits, and salad mix/ cucumbers for vegetables. I started with strawberries on Saturday, and then grapes on Sunday, and back to strawberries today. 🙂
I also am trying to substitute one meal a day with a simple chicken/cucumber/salad mix bowl (no dressing, but i do add cheese or apple pieces occasionally. )
Wegmans also has mixes like apples and pomegranate salad! It’s about $3.50 a bag, so idk if i’ll splurge (i usually spend $1.50-$2.50ish) but who knows!! ^_^

If you can afford to experiment with some foods, go for it! 🙂 And even if its not your favorite or you wouldn’t buy it again, tough it out and finish it up, and try something new next week 🙂

My project for next week as i’m writing my shopping list is fruit sushi/Frushi!! 😀 I’ll post a link to the video i found for how to make it, so you can check it out! i have absolutely no experience with any kind of sushi, but i love rice and fruit, so i’m hoping it’ll be a good snacky item! ^_^

Q of the Day –
Whats a healthy food item (drink, snack, etc) you want to make or try?

Off to have my tea 🙂 Gnight!


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