Food Tracking 4/2/2016

So i’ve started a new diet the past couple days! (not a “lose weight” diet, just an “eat better” diet 😛 )
It mainly involves more fruits and vegetables, and conscious thought, and less processed food, binge and stress-eating.
I took a shopping trip to Wegman’s last night and prepped myself for the week. 🙂

The next few blog posts will just be an itemized list of what i ate and how i prepared it, along with perhaps a few pictures! 🙂
I’ve decided if i ever get around to going back to school, i’d like to become a dietitian, and work in either a school or a hospital, maybe even at a Wegman’s store (because i love them!)

Breakfast –
Half a Bolthouse Farms mango protein smoothie ($1.70ish at Walmart)

Snack –
Half a grapefruit (4/$5 at Wegmans)
Sargento Sharp Cheddar Cheese stick ($3ish at Walmart)
Empire apple ($3.99 for a 3 lb bag at Wegmans)
Handful of Annie’s White Cheddar Bunny crackers (2/$5 at Wegmans or 2/$4 when they’re on sale at Target)

Lunch –
Romaine salad mix ($3.99/bag at Wegmans)
Cooked chicken breast ($5.99/bag, frozen at Walmart)
Small handful of shredded cheddar ($3-something a bag at Walmart)

Snack/Chocolate Craving –
Small handful Nestle dark chocolate chips ($2.99 at Wegmans)

Dinner –
Gorton’s frozen breaded fish fillets ($2.99 for a box of 6 at Wegmans)
1 Russet Potato, sliced, roasted with oil and lemon pepper seasoning ($1.70ish for 2 at Wegmans)
1 glass whole milk ($2ish per gallon at Wegmans, on sale)

Dessert –
8-10 strawberries, quartered ($2.99/1 lb at Wegmans)
1/3 cup milk chocolate chips and 1 tsp unrefined coconut oil, melted together to make dipping sauce

1+ quarts of water
1 cup of Echinacea tea ($2.99 per box at Wegmans)

So the milk chocolate chips were my only majorly unhealthy choice of the day, and i also took a bath instead of working out. But you know, sometimes you just need those days to just chill and watch Reba for two hours straight. X’D

My words of wisdom for you as i undertake all of this and hopefully as it challenges you to think about what you eat too, focus on health for LIFE, not health for LOOKS. It’s not just about getting skinnier. If that’s your only goal, you’ll burn out FAST. Thats just not enough of a goal to stick to. You’re not going to see results fast enough to make you happy.

Stay tuned for my next food endeavor, (hopefully coming next week) is fruit sushi!! Look up some pictures; it’s adorable!! ^_^


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