Dear Marth,

Hi. 🙂
I just was thinking about you.


We’re both growing up alot. It’s kinda crazy.
We’re both in the same state together, and have been for almost a year. We’re settling in, to a place we’ll be a part of for the next while, Lord-willing.
We have a place for us to live together after we’re married.
We both have cars, and i’m looking to getting a better one.
You have a full time job now, with benefits and good pay. I have two part-time jobs.
We’re getting healthier. Eating better, being more active, and losing weight. 🙂

We’ve changed, alot from the people we were when we met, but we’re still “ourselves”. I still see in you the reasons i loved you more; loved you most. 🙂 This last year has by far been the craziest one of my life, and it’s not even done yet! XD

I know i have a dominating personality and sometimes that clashes with your more easygoing personality. But i just want you to know i’m not going to stop learning how to respect and love you better and learn about you. I’m so excited to be living life with you! No matter what happens, there’s no one else i’d rather be with. 🙂


i love you. Even when i don’t always do it perfectly, i promise i do. Just don’t forget that, okay?

Captain America: Civil War Trailer!

Guys Guys GUYYYSSS i’m about to lose it. I thought the last scene was a joke!!! whhaaallllllllaaaaaa i’m so excited!!! I’ve seen a Marvel movie every year for my birthday since the first Captain America and i’m super excited that this might just be the best one yet!! 😀

“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” Trailer!


SOOOO i’m definitely not freaking out, but i’m freaking out!!
I just found out this existed and now that i’m almost finished the Harry Potter books, this is exactly something i’ve wanted to stumble across next!! The fact that it’s directed by Tim Burton just makes it even better ^_^ (he’s kind of one of my favorites 🙂 Between this and the new Alice movie, my life is so happy right now!)
I’m stoked. It’s gonna be amazing. I just gotta read the book before i see the movie. ^_^ It’s currently checked out at my library but i put it on hold for when it comes back in! 😀

You’ve been Asleep for an Hour.

I don’t understand why i hold you to such high standards. It causes me to go from top of our world, to plotting your death; zero to sixty, in .02 seconds.
This probably isn’t healthy.
I’m pretty sure it’s just my fault; being stupid over nothing. I KNOW  its over nothing. It’s just opinions…and friendships. Both things i want you to have.
Why are we so different? I’m not getting cold feet, i’m just worried. I don’t know why it makes me feel like my stomach is rotting out of my skeleton; we’ve talked about all of this so many times…I don’t know.
I’m probably just tired.

Plato’s Closet Run! :D

Recently, I decided i needed to get new jeans; Marth loves them, and there’s only one, possibly two pairs that fit me, because i’ve lost weight recently (yay! 😀 I’ve been working out every day so it’s great to see it’s been paying off!)

I thought about Khols and Walmart and JC Penney and all those other places that have good clothes and since the tax return came in, i actually have money again. At the same time…I remembered the tight, uncomfortable “new jeans” feel. :/ After spending years in hand-me-down jeans from my ex-boyfriend’s older sisters, i just have had a hard time getting used to new jeans. I haven’t had a comfortable pair of new jeans since 2013…and they were the only ones i’d had since 2011. XD

Not that i’m complaining!! Hand-me-down jeans are soft and comfy and, as long as they’re a good brand name, still have plenty of wear in them 🙂

Somehow i had forgotten that me and Marth’s favorite high-end thrift shop, Plato’s Closet sold jeans.
Fortunately i remembered just in time! ^_^
After trying on about 7 pairs, I got American Eagle jeans for $17! They’re long, comfy and lived-in. 😀 ❤

photo 2 (5)

Soooo of course, i couldn’t stop there…

I found this cute little number, and there were two reasons i had to have it.

  1. I’m a huge sucker for skater skirts.
  2. It was $5. 😀

photo 1 (5)

(It’s lacy and cute at the bottom too!)

Then, i remembered i had bought my favorite sweater from there, a while ago. Its a gray knit button-up cardigan…from the guys’ section. So naturally i had to peruse there too 😉
Before i even got to the sweater section, i found this…

photo 3 (3)

I mean. C’mon. It’s awesome. And it makes me think of the guys from the Big Bang Theory. And it was $6, so i bought it too ^_^

Aaaand then i got to the sweater section! 😀 It took some looking cuz there were not many that unzipped/unbuttoned all the way down.
This one, has pockets and it’s so long and comfy! 😀

photo 4 (2)

Last but certainly not least….
As i looked thru the girls tops (which i finally decided i’d just go to walmart later, because there are a couple there i know i like and look good on me. Plus the crazy, overpattered oversized selection was giving me a headache), I happened to glance up at the shoe rack. I’m always on the lookout for heels, because i only owned one pair (brown leather hand-me-down from the ex’s sister) straight up until about 2 months ago when Marth’s mum gave me some that she bought that didn’t fit her. They’re Croc brand, so waterproof, sandal-style black heels.
I found these; black, borderline Steampunk style with a hint of Helena Bonham-Carter. ^_^ Usually cute things like these don’t fit me, but i had socks on today and i figured that would give me some wiggle room for sizing.
They slid on my feet like a dream. 🙂
Image (2)


photo (12)

I couldn’t pass them up. ^_^

So that was my adventure today 🙂 Grand total, including county tax ended up around $47-$50. 🙂 So that was awesome!

Plato’s Closet. Super amazing value for adorable stuff! 🙂