10 Ways I’m Losing Weight, The Healthy Way, Every Day. ^_^

1. Drink water
-as soon as you wake up, as much as you can handle. You’re usually thirsty in the morning anyway so it works out 🙂
-with lemon in it. Lemon kickstarts your metabolism and i find myself drinking more when it doesn’t just taste like water. I keep mine in a quart mason jar and drink it with a straw…I could suck down 3-4 quarts a day.
-but don’t exceed 2 gallons a day, or you’ll start flushing out electrolytes and that will do more harm than good.

2. Commit to doing SOMETHING active, every day, whether it’s doing 15 minutes of yoga, or running a half-marathon; whatever you can do, EVERY. DAY. No matter what, don’t stop moving. No matter what you’re doing.
-If you’re having a conversation in a hallway, do wall sits. If you’re watching tv, do crunches and lat pulloevers. It’s not hard, just takes a little extra background brain-focus.
-If the weather is nice, spend the afternoon with a friend walking, playing hockey, frisbee, whatever you have the equipment for, instead of watching just netflix.
-Make it FUN! Because it IS fun!
Being active releases feel-good hormones, and who doesn’t want those?? The hardest part is just initially getting into it.

3. Realize that “feeling hungry” is most often way more of an emotional and mental state, rather than a physical one. Learn to tell the difference between “hungry” and “bored”. If you’re not hungry enough to eat a fruit or vegetable, you’re not really hungry.

4. Eat when YOU are physically hungry, and only enough to make you NOT physically hungry anymore. Making food at home is a great way to do that, because most restaurant/fast food is way more calories than you even need in a DAY, much less a meal. Never eat until you’re uncomfortable, anywhere for any reason. It’s not worth it, then or later.

5. Portion your snacks, and then put the rest away, so even if you do have a day when you feel like you need more (for any reason), at least you have to convince yourself that having more is worth getting up and getting the package out and open again.

6. Make sure “treat yo’self” is an actual TREAT. Pay attention between treats, because sometimes it feels like it’s been alot longer than it has actually been.

7. Share your techniques and learnings with others; it keeps you focused and motivated while you motivate others too 🙂

8. Avoid “cooler drinks”; 90% of them aren’t gonna do anything for you, hydration-wise or other. You shouldn’t be drinking your calories, to the best of your ability. (Milk doesn’t count; i’m talking pop, booze, concentrated juice, etc)
In your drinks, aim for 22-25 grams of sugar per serving or less. (unless it’s a treat. Even then, aim for 1 serving; most bottled beverages have at least 2.) A good way to go is all-natural tea. (PureLeaf: Not Too Sweet and Honest-T are my personal favs ^_^ )

9. One fruit, one vegetable. Every day. (100% fruit juice counts; Keep an eye on the sugar content tho with that. Currently in my fridge i have orange juice and cucumbers for this week 🙂 It’ll keep you from filling up on other things that aren’t as good for you.
Note: If i do get 100% juice, i usually will make sure i drink 1 serving size (8oz) only if it’s mango or orange juice. If i get a more water-based juice, like cranberry, apple, etc, i’ll use 4oz juice and fill the rest of the glass with water; be it 8oz or 32oz.

10. Remember that YOU own YOUR body, NOT the other way around. It won’t last forever, but your soul will. So, do the best you can, while you have it, to make it the way you want. It’s gonna be hard either way, so make the hard worth it. 🙂

[Shared from my Tumblr @meyla3839]


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