Heartfelt Prayers and Quiet Nights

*sigh* Dear Lord; 

Today has been a good day. I’m ready to pay all my bills when Monday rolls around with $20 left over, which i am so thankful for!
I did alot of reading today, which was so much fun; very relaxing and a change of pace from my normal working out or watching tv.
I’m so excited to have tons of training hours at my new job this week that will help me pay next month’s bills! X’D being all adulty and such…

Tonight i just need to pray for Marth…Our job (my first job) has basically laid us off, at least for this week. People warned me it would happen, but i somehow never believed it until i wasn’t on the schedule for this week and there was a note next to it about “budget cuts” and “trying to be fair”. (We won’t talk about the new favorite girl, who has more hours than all of us put together; they’re just trying to be fair, we understand.) *sigh*

Right now, Marth is so stressed out, understandably so…Please…give me a calm spirit and let me keep my neediness to myself this week, because he needs time to think, get motivated, and trust you to bring another job opportunity along. I love him so much, and i know he needs me, if not right there with him. 

Please help him use this anxious time wisely, kick and fight the way i know he can, to find another job. I know he will, but i know the whole process is exhausting and frustrating for him, not to mention anxiety-inducing.
He’s requested to be alone tonight, and i plan to honor that.
Lord, he’s a strong man. But he doesn’t just want to be a bouncer and the muscle of a retail chain store. He has such talent.
Lord, please give him a place he can work to the best of his ability, somehow, someway…I can’t see what you have for us, but i KNOW it’s nothing but the best for us.

Please just keep him calm…and help me be a help, not a hindrance to him. Our heads have been kinda up in the clouds recently, and mine’s only just come back to earth in the past couple days and i know today has been his day for that, too.
God, we love you. And we love eachother. Please protect us while we figure out what to do next. I know it’s all gonna be okay. 


S/O to My FAVORITE Yoga Youtuber!

Sarah Beth yoga ❤ I love this girl so much!! Every single video she does is inspiring and beautiful! This particular playlist is a yoga routine for every day of the week, focusing on different things, and i’ve been doing each day, as well as her Pre-Workout Warm-Up and Post-Workout Cool-Down! She’s got a bunch of deep stretches and vlogs as well!

I’ll never need another yoga youtube channel again ❤ keep being beautiful, friend!

10 Ways I’m Losing Weight, The Healthy Way, Every Day. ^_^

1. Drink water
-as soon as you wake up, as much as you can handle. You’re usually thirsty in the morning anyway so it works out 🙂
-with lemon in it. Lemon kickstarts your metabolism and i find myself drinking more when it doesn’t just taste like water. I keep mine in a quart mason jar and drink it with a straw…I could suck down 3-4 quarts a day.
-but don’t exceed 2 gallons a day, or you’ll start flushing out electrolytes and that will do more harm than good.

2. Commit to doing SOMETHING active, every day, whether it’s doing 15 minutes of yoga, or running a half-marathon; whatever you can do, EVERY. DAY. No matter what, don’t stop moving. No matter what you’re doing.
-If you’re having a conversation in a hallway, do wall sits. If you’re watching tv, do crunches and lat pulloevers. It’s not hard, just takes a little extra background brain-focus.
-If the weather is nice, spend the afternoon with a friend walking, playing hockey, frisbee, whatever you have the equipment for, instead of watching just netflix.
-Make it FUN! Because it IS fun!
Being active releases feel-good hormones, and who doesn’t want those?? The hardest part is just initially getting into it.

3. Realize that “feeling hungry” is most often way more of an emotional and mental state, rather than a physical one. Learn to tell the difference between “hungry” and “bored”. If you’re not hungry enough to eat a fruit or vegetable, you’re not really hungry.

4. Eat when YOU are physically hungry, and only enough to make you NOT physically hungry anymore. Making food at home is a great way to do that, because most restaurant/fast food is way more calories than you even need in a DAY, much less a meal. Never eat until you’re uncomfortable, anywhere for any reason. It’s not worth it, then or later.

5. Portion your snacks, and then put the rest away, so even if you do have a day when you feel like you need more (for any reason), at least you have to convince yourself that having more is worth getting up and getting the package out and open again.

6. Make sure “treat yo’self” is an actual TREAT. Pay attention between treats, because sometimes it feels like it’s been alot longer than it has actually been.

7. Share your techniques and learnings with others; it keeps you focused and motivated while you motivate others too 🙂

8. Avoid “cooler drinks”; 90% of them aren’t gonna do anything for you, hydration-wise or other. You shouldn’t be drinking your calories, to the best of your ability. (Milk doesn’t count; i’m talking pop, booze, concentrated juice, etc)
In your drinks, aim for 22-25 grams of sugar per serving or less. (unless it’s a treat. Even then, aim for 1 serving; most bottled beverages have at least 2.) A good way to go is all-natural tea. (PureLeaf: Not Too Sweet and Honest-T are my personal favs ^_^ )

9. One fruit, one vegetable. Every day. (100% fruit juice counts; Keep an eye on the sugar content tho with that. Currently in my fridge i have orange juice and cucumbers for this week 🙂 It’ll keep you from filling up on other things that aren’t as good for you.
Note: If i do get 100% juice, i usually will make sure i drink 1 serving size (8oz) only if it’s mango or orange juice. If i get a more water-based juice, like cranberry, apple, etc, i’ll use 4oz juice and fill the rest of the glass with water; be it 8oz or 32oz.

10. Remember that YOU own YOUR body, NOT the other way around. It won’t last forever, but your soul will. So, do the best you can, while you have it, to make it the way you want. It’s gonna be hard either way, so make the hard worth it. 🙂

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“…A Truly Glorious Lord’s Day.”

photo (10)

Wow, i genuinely just have to say, today was a really, really great day. 🙂 No exceptions, no…anything negative, really. 🙂
I got up around 8, freezing cold and not particularly caring if i was late for church membership class at 9, because it was just too cold to be existing at that venture in time. X’D But i somehow bucked myself up and got out of bed, and dressed in the softest, warmest clothes i could find (which coincidentally, all happened to be gray), complete with leg warmers and comfy socks. ^_^

I was on time for class, and it was it’s normal amount of exciting…which really just means informative, so that’s a good thing at least 😛
Marth and i were both up late last night, so i knew he would be at least boarderlining late, once church actually started…His best friend Caleb went across the street to his house to go get him when it was about five minutes till, and i just talked to people and chilled.
When we were 10 minutes into the service and they still hadn’t shown up, so i just figured they weren’t coming or had slid into the back unnoticed.
As soon as the pastor started the opening prayer tho, my two ninjas slipped down the aisles into their seats, next to their respective ladies, and it was like magic when everybody opened their eyes! XD smooth criminals…

The message was amazing; i absolutely love our new pastor 🙂 He was talking about the unity of the church community and how important it is, if we’re to be perceived as anything but a judgmental, close-minded clique. When we got home, i found this picture that really summed it up well, and i posted it to our church’s facebook group, and thanked our Pastor, because it’s so true…


Uugh; it’s just so true! I love it 🙂 he actually used that verse too, and it just summed up the message really well.
After the service, me, Marth, Caleb and his wife, Amy, took a trip out to our favorite Asian restaurant for lunch 🙂 It was a great time, just to chill and be together and eat amazing food! 😀
Caleb and Amy went home and Marth and i proceeded to change into our most comfortable clothes, grab our fuzziest blankets and park ourselves on the couch to watch Flip-Or-Flop with his parents…for the next four hours. X’D We mostly slept…it was a good time ^_^

(Bonus; during that time i did receive a call from the Human Resources girl at Wegmans, who was helping set up my interview time with them! 😀 hopefully, I start on Tuesday! 😀 )

Around 5:30, we perked up to get ready for the evening service at church, because everyone who wants to play floor hockey in the gym after has to come to church first 😛 So that was fun too; we’re working thru a series on the Bible and we focused mainly on the historical books of the Old Testament. It really inspired me to start reading thru the Bible again, especially the OT, because it’s just so interesting…i honestly love it so much 🙂 Hopefully Amy will do it with me! 😀

After the service, i zipped home to change into leggings, shorts and a t-shirt to play hockey in 🙂 Marth and i have been practicing, so i was hoping to have made some more improvement over the past two weeks. (more like he’s been helping me practice, because he was part of the church league a while ago, so he’s already amazing. 😛 )
It was super great; i can truly say some of those guys are really some of the most amazing people…they’re sweet, but they won’t baby you, and you actually come out of the pickup games feeling like you’ve done a good run, and learned some stuff, even if it was just everyone’s names and some new word definitions. X’D (“BOARDS, BOARDS, BOARDS!!!”)

But, yeah. 🙂 Marth asked me around 9:30 when the games were over if i wanted to go to Tim Hortons (who ever turns down Tim Hortons, really?) So we got TimBits and french vanilla cappuccino…just like the good old days at college together 🙂 So that was alot of fun too. We chilled there for a while before hitting Tops for some cold meds for me, some melatonin for him, and he also picked up some fruit for the week. He’s really been trying to eat healthier on a more consistent basis, and it’s so encouraging and inspiring to me, because it’s something i really prayed alot about when we first started dating. (at college, he drank mtn. dew, at every single meal, every single day. It was really bad. :/ ) But i’m just really proud of him, and blessed to be there to encourage him and support him!

We both popped some Vitamin C tablets and drove home, recapped tomorrow’s plan and went our separate ways 🙂 But it was really an amazing day, and i’m just so thankful…good way to start a new week. 🙂

VaniCream Cleansing Bar and Lite Lotion Review

When i was about 13 or 14, i developed a circular, scaling rash on the right side of my face, below my cheekbone.
Young teenage me was tired of looking “gross” and nothing seemed to be working to clear my acne or keep me from getting rashes, so my mum took me to a dermatologist.

She gave me samples of this soap and lotion to try and see if anything improved.



Let me tell you…the results were astronomical. My skin felt like a baby’s butt, and i wore nothing but mascara and eyeliner for weeks and got nothing but compliments on how great my skin looked!

When i was away at college, just like any kid, i figured i knew everything and i met alot more people and i eventually chose to try a bunch of new things and stopped with this regular, tried-and-true routine…what on earth was i thinking… X’D

I was concerned about the cost because “Dermatologist Recommended” usually doesn’t come cheap! But i did some homework, and went to the Walgreens about 10 minutes from my work and picked up BOTH of these for a total of $20 USD! (and there’s A LOT; a full-sized soap bar and 16 oz pump bottle of lotion; they look exactly like the pictures!) They contain no dyes, lanolin, parabens, fragrances…honestly i have no clue what it is, but it works!

By the time i got them most recently, i hadn’t used these products in over a year, and my face was rebelling. I kid you not; i saw improvement after one use! ^_^ i now wash my face once a day (twice just isn’t necessary unless i’m out and about all day or feeling especially sweaty/dirty or just excess sebum and irritation) and i’m still seeing drastic improvement each day!!
I’m paying for not taking care of my skin like i should have for over a year, but let me tell you, this made it alot easier and fits the cheapskate budget! All in all, a 10/10, every day!

One word of caution: They have a “moisturizing lotion” and a “lite lotion”. I have used both, and i personally recommend the LITE lotion for sensitive/oily skin. The regular moisturizing lotion is far heavier and has a tendency to feel greasy if you already have oily skin as it is. Just go lite; it’s safer 😛 It may be a TEENSY more expensive, but it’s negligible. 🙂

Well, those are my reviews for today! 😀 Keep being beautiful, loves, and i will definitely be giving more reviews as i go thru my latest MEMEBOX.com order, one mask per week! ^_^

Have you used any of the reviewed products or have any questions about them or ingredients i’ve sworn off of and why? Fire away! ^_^

TonyMoly Tomatox Magic Mask Pack Review

Dudes. I can’t even begin to explain to you how awesome this stuff is.


Good, now that i got you hooked… X’D

But seriously. I got a little envelope of this as a sample with my most recent order from MEMEBOX and i kinda pulled it out the other day and did some homework on it to make sure it wasn’t going to be too harsh for sensitive skin or have anything weird (mineral oil, certain parabens, the like…) and i found out it has 5 stars on multiple websites and was one of TonyMoly’s hottest-selling items in 2011.
I can definitely see why. ^_^

photo 1 (4)

This is me, in all my sleepy, Sunday-night, netflix-binging glory…Feast your eyes. X’D Or don’t…

Okay, so it’s a white, light cream that you massage all over your face, (it can be dry or damp; doesn’t much matter 🙂 )
And then you leave it on for about 5-10 minutes and then wash it off (it does leave white residue as it dries, as you can see)

But seriously, it makes your skin feel so amazing, and it’s been essential to clearing up my face!! Overall I’d give this a 10/10! Truly an amazing product!
I will probably be buying it off Amazon because even with TonyMoly’s 20% off coupon, it still rounds out at about $14-$15 USD for an 80g package on MEMEBOX…which is alot of product, for sure, but when i can find it cheaper?? Gotta go the cheapskate route 😛
I’m so pumped; definitely on my list for next time! This is the second day i’ve used it in a row because my face is under major rehab recently, because i finally found a soap that’s helping clear up my awful acne!

Which brings me to my next review…Stay tuned!