“It’s Not Like That In Real Life” Part 2 – The Story

This has been a rough past couple days for me. My paycheck was less than i needed on thursday, and i worked all day yesterday. When i left at 6:30 to go to the grocery store, while at the checkout after shopping for an hour, realized that i had bounced a check. (but it wasn’t entirely my fault; it was a long weird story) Basically, I spent much of yesterday evening curled up in a ball on my living room floor crying my eyes out, because i was so stressed.
Thankfully this morning it was a much quicker fix than i anticipated, i have a job interview in 2 hours and then i go to work at 1:30 until 9:15ish, give or take 20 minutes on either side.
If anyone tries to tell you that being an adult doesn’t suck, all around, it does. “Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

It’s nothing like you expect. There’s way more to remember, way more to do, but none of it is truly “hard”, in the sense of the word. It’s just the grind, just the actual “get-up-and-go” to do stuff, like registering a car, changing a license, having all the right information, having self-control over spending and financial organization to make sure you don’t bounce checks, etc. Its rough sometimes, and the perks like living on your own, having cable, and getting to do “whatever you want” (which basically means watching tv and eating rocks, because you’re broke) are merely a sad attempt to make it all worth it.

“You always wanted to be an adult. And now you realize it’s more than eating ice cream out of the box and not having a bedtime.” – My Dad.

Don’t get me wrong, kids. Life is great. But it’s anything but easy, and you need all the good times you can get to get thru all the inevitable bad ones. If they haven’t found you yet, they will. So hold onto the good, the promises, the little things. And we’ll make it someday. 🙂


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