“It’s Not Like That In Real Life.” Part 1 – The Article

I personally find it humorous that i found this article about my most favorite actor in the entire world today, considering some of the recent events in my life…but that’s for another blog post. 😛

okay, so here it is:


(this basically was an interview done with Harrison Ford about some of Donald Trump’s comments about his 1997 film, Air Force One. 
DT actually complimented Ford on the movie, and said he liked him because he “stood up for America”.
Harrison doesn’t take the compliment tho, and insists that it was “Just a movie. It’s not like that in real life. But how would you know?”)

I do believe this was probably a subtle stab at Trump, but not necessarily the way the media is interpreting it. It wasn’t so much about “you’re an idiot, DT.” I interpreted it as a little bit more like “Is a president in a movie really what you are inspired by? With all the real people and presidents in the world who “stood up for America”, you’re choosing me?”
Because it wasn’t real life. Ford had never been a president, and he never actually fought terrorists. So if Trump’s going into this election thinking that he can emulate, not even Harrison Ford, but Ford’s character in a movie! …Ford just warned him that being president isn’t anything like his character in his movie. But he wouldn’t know. DT isn’t president yet, and Ford was smart enough to know that playing one in a movie didn’t make him one either.

….Humans. XD they supply an endless stock of comments, opinions, humor and enrage…all to the enjoyment of other humans. ^_^



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