Best :)

I’m writing this post over some thoughts i just had in the last few minutes and i want to write them all out so i don’t forget or misconstrue them.
I’ve figured out basically the type of person i am.
I’m not a “makeup” or “no makeup” person.
I’m not a “health junkie” or “fast food junkie”.
I’m not “forest” or “city”, or even “suburban”.
I’m a “best” person.
How can i be “best”??
My main goal for my face is how my skin can be healthiest. Which naturally means face products from Asia, putting food on my face, and washing it twice a day. 🙂
My main goal for my eating is how i can be my very best, so i can run, be happy and energetic, observant, or sleep, all at the proper times. That means i eat alot of protein, usually. But some days, i just need sugar to keep my brain going at work, or caffeine before a long day. So i have some. 🙂
I’m also a dirt-poor cheapskate, so if i can’t make something that is best for my budget, i’ll save until i can afford the economy size, and then it lasts me a long time 🙂
It’s kinda a cool realization really 🙂 i’ve tried to figure this out for myself for years. Alot of years.


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