Life Updates ^_^

ooooh my goodness!! My friends, i’m so sorry i haven’t posted in so long!!
First things first… 🙂 While we were at Marth’s best friend’s wedding two weekends ago, (Oct. 11th) he took advantage of an amazing opportunity to have Caleb’s wife do a bouquet-toss fake-out…and he proposed!!
12118795_921542087899061_6364629751431089189_n (1)
t was kindaaa the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me!!! 😀 He was so nervous, Amy was so nervous, but they both did wonderful and i never suspected a thing!!
fter what was definitely one of the most amazing nights of my life, tho, the following week proved to be extremely stressful…My mom, i guess, didn’t realize that i wanted to have the wedding in New York instead of Maine, and we had several loud discussions in which much insults were spoken, and much crying was done…but thankfully that was resolved quickly and she just needed to get used to it i think…by Saturday (almost a week later) she was just fine with it all 🙂
I also work at our church with Mark’s sister, teaching preschool gym every Wednesday morning! So i’ll have cute preschooler stories for you every once in a while!! They’re so precious and they’ve already glued their sticky, tiny fingers to me, even tho I’ve only been there for two weeks!
Now, im in the process of planning all this wedding stuff on my own, for the most part…my mom and maid of honor (Kym; she’s my neighbor and best friend in Maine since i was 8. ^_^ ) have been helping me out, as well as Amy, because she just finished her wedding, so it’s not a bad gig, overall 🙂 stressful, but good! 😀
I feel like i couldn’t possibly be more in love with Marth than i am now (tho i’m sure this good thing will just get better!) and it’s so cool that everything that happens each day, whether we see eachother or don’t, whether we’re at work together, or sleeping on the couch on a Sunday afternoon after watching Naruto, or even after having a forceful conversation about our differing opinions, i know, more than ever before, that this is the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve known since March of 2014 that, if at all possible, i didn’t ever want to spend my life without him.
It’s all quite exciting!! 🙂


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