Thoughts – Ver. 1 – Countries

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Recently, I’ve been thinking alot about other cultures and America.
And, because the internet is a place where anyone can give their opinion for the world to see, I have a two-fold question for you.
Part A – I’m genuinely interested in what you all think when you hear things about America?
Do you really hear as much about us as we hear about all of you? What’s a classic “American” stereotype?
Part B – What do you think is a distinguishing characteristic of your country?? Not necessarily what everyone else thinks, but what YOU think, and why?
For each country that comments, i’ll write a post about what I/ America know about your country, as well as any information i’ve been able to learn from you and a shoutout to your blog. 🙂

Here’s the guidelines:
1. I’d appreciate sincere comments. If your opinion is negative, that’s okay, but i won’t allow comments with cursing.
2. Opinions are one thing, plain snarkiness is another. Have tact. Don’t be a jerk.
3. Everywhere in the world, people are still people. This is simply a personal experiment to satisfy a curiosity, and not a debate about which country is best.

Guys, i really appreciate anything you have to offer. 🙂
Okay, Ready set go! 😀


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