All-Natural Skincare Things I Can Personally Vouch For

Riiighty-Oh. πŸ™‚
So today i went thru and realized that my face is so sensitive that most of the things i use aren’t actually specifically for your face. But, hey, guess, what? They work awesomely πŸ™‚
Just as a refresher; i’m a K-Beauty/Skincare enthusiast and also as broke as the day is long. I have extremely sensitive combination skin, and my acne spots are my chin and t-zone.

#1 – Shea Butter Soap for Additives
photo 1 (1)
his is completely raw shea butter soap, with no fragrances, additives or anything else besides SOAP. And shea butter. I melt it and this time around threw in some coconut oil, vegetable glycerin and tea tree oil before i put it in the mold πŸ™‚ It doesn’t foam much, because the additive that causes soap to foam can sometimes be not-good for sensitive skin. Good for face and hands. πŸ™‚ Hobby Lobby sells it in a huge block that makes probably 12 normal-sized bars of soap for $10.99. (It also goes on sale for 30% off…check the website out; ^_^ ) #promotion!

#2 – Organic Coconut Oil

photo 1

Ideally, unrefined coconut oil is your best bet. But, because i’m cheap, and the unrefined kind is about $5 more, i opted for the refined organic kind. But, hey, if you can afford the unrefined, it’s really the way to go. πŸ™‚ I use this all over my body instead of any other kind of moisturizer and Marth constantly comments on how soft my skin is ^_^ It’s a cream-like or solid consistency below 73 degrees, but it will be liquid at anything above that…I’ve tried keeping it in the fridge but that just makes it a brick so i wouldn’t recommend that either…Cool, dry place away from sunlight is good. πŸ™‚ $8.56 at Wegmans, but you should be able to find coconut oil in the cooking oil section of any grocery store or walmart πŸ™‚

#3 Vegetable Glycerin
photo 2
I also got this at Hobby Lobby…its a big thing in skincare and face products! Honestly, i’m not quite sure what it is or exactly why it does what it does…but it’s a vegetable product that’s a skin protectent, has a thick liquid consistency and an almost sweet taste (but don’t eat it.) I use it when i take off nail polish, i paint the raw glycerin straight on my nails. I’m telling you, it’s a miracle thing. I’ve struggled with paper-thin nails and a nail-biting habit most of my life, but after doing this once a day for three days, my nails not only got harder, but grew a TON! I wish i had before/after pictures for you… I keep 1 part glycerin and 10 parts filtered water in a 2oz condiment cup in my bathroom and put it on my face with a cotton puff two times a day. πŸ™‚
One warning about glycerin tho. What i DO know it does is that it absorbs the water in the air, so thats why it’s so good for hydrating your skin and nails. But don’t overdo it or you’ll basically look like you’ve been in a bath or a pool for too long. The only things i would use straight glycerin for are my nails, no more than once a day, and my lips, no more than twice a day. (it does wonders for dry lips too!!)
$3.99 at Hobby Lobby for a decent-sized bottle, in the soap-making part of the Crafts Department. πŸ™‚ My mom says it’s also at Walmart, but i’ve never been able to find it… Probably near the bandaids??

#4 Tea Tree Essential Oil
photo 3
When i was working camp in the summer of 2013, alot of the Asian girls on staff used tea tree oil and tea tree oil-based products. It has a very strong, almost “bite” of a smell to it, and alot of the American girls complained about it, which ticked me off. I mean, jeez, there’s no need to make people feel bad about their health and beauty or their food, especially when it OBVIOUSLY works way better than ours! But, anyhow. Because it’s so strong, i would NOT recommend putting straight tea tree oil on your skin. i dilute it the same as the glycerin; 1 to 2 parts tea tree oil to 10 parts filtered water, and keep it in a condiment cup. It’s good for drying up acne spots, so if you really want to, you can make a more concentrated bit and just spot-treat with it. πŸ™‚ This was $6.99 at Hobby Lobby in – you guessed it!- the soap-making department. It only comes out a drop at a time, so the tiny bottle i have has lasted me over 2 months already and it’s not even half gone. πŸ™‚

#5 Raw Honey

photo 4Β 

Now, raw honey is your best option. Alot of things say “pure clover honey”, but they’re really mostly water. The packets you get at Starbucks and the plastic bears are not a good choice, even tho they are cheaper. Honey has natural anti-bacterial purposes and it helps bring down the red, irritated look which make it SUPER good for an acne-troubled face. I pour a little in the lid, and spread it all over my chin and t-zone, sometimes even my whole face if i’m getting in the shower later or have time to get messy, and let it sit for at least 10 minutes.
Best bet for purchasing?? Hit up your local Farmer’s Market. I know exactly where Alden NY is, and i got this for $4.95 at a tiny little general store and deli about 10 minutes from my house πŸ™‚

Cool!! So now you know the 5 natural things i use on my face, combined with my MISSHA pore-correcting toner, TONYMOLY snail moisturizing gel, EVERYONE face/hands/body lotion, Β and STRIDEX Sensitive skin acne pads (bonus broke kid’s tip for making stuff like that last?? Cut it into quarters. Seriously. Those are almost as big as the palm of my hand. I don’t need that to rub down my chin and t-zone real quick. it’ll make a can with 50 pads last 2 months, using twice a day). ^_^

Today’s find while i was at -you guessed it again- Kate’s Country Cousins Farmer’s Market, was this soap. It has Brazilian clay and charcoal powder in it, both of which are awesome for removing impurities, and it’s goat’s milk-based, which makes your skin super soft!! i’ve only used it once, but the redness on my chin is less irritated already, and my cheekbone area is super soft!
$5.00 and a great conversation with a small-business owner πŸ™‚Β photo 2 (1)

Alrighty kiddos πŸ™‚ I’m typing this up on Marth’s desktop computer Β while he plays Destiny on the X-Box πŸ™‚ We look like a cute little gaming couple; the desks are right next to eachother and i have his headset on, listening to twenty-one pilots so i don’t disturb him…we break for kisses everyonce in a while tho ^_^
I’ll post a song later, and i hope you all have a fabulous night! πŸ™‚
Peace Out – Meyla ❀


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