Twenty-One Pilots – Lane Boy

I can’t listen to a single song by these guys without thinking about my Bible college experience πŸ™‚ we listened to them so much, all the time, and for me it just never got old. πŸ™‚
I especially love the part of this song, where he says “Don’t trust a perfect person, and don’t trust a song that’s flawless…They say ‘stay in your lane, boy’…we go where we want to.”
(I will admit to having a mini spaz attack in the passenger seat of Marth’s buick, gasping a few times, “WOW….that was so profound. I didn’t expect that right then…” X’D Shouldn’t have expected anything less πŸ™‚ Enjoy, dears. Enjoy the imperfections of life; learn to trust the irregularity…the only thing that’s promised πŸ™‚ And go where you want to. ❀


Bastille – Laughter Lines

I’m pretty sure i’ve posted this song before, or maybe another from the Bad Blood album…
This song just makes me smile. πŸ™‚
“I’ll see you in the future, when we’re older…And we are full of stories, to be told.
Cross my heart, and hope to die…I’ll see you, with your laughter lines.”
After having friends all over the world now, some of which i might never see again…it’s a comforting reminder, that i WILL see them again. And not just “again”, but happy, with their laughter lines. ❀
Enjoy, loves, and sleep well πŸ™‚

“Have you Hugged your Retail Workers Today??” (People Skills 101)

I work a retail job πŸ™‚ So does my boyfriend, and some of my best friends in New York πŸ™‚ We work at the Christian-owned craft store chain, Hobby Lobby πŸ™‚ We sell a variety of crafters things, like seasonal decorations, party supplies, scrapbooking/rubber stamps and paper, unfinished wood, clay, beads and jewelry making supplies, iron-ons, tie dye and t-shirts, paints, pastels, pencils and canvases and sketchbooks, we have our own custom framing shop, yarn, cotton thread, embroidery thread, sewing patterns and fabric, thread, synthetic flowers and flower arrangements (we do custom flower arrangements too) and two aisles of wedding supplies. πŸ™‚ oh, and the whole middle of the store is home decor stuff like chalkboards and wall hangings, picture frames, candles and furniture. It’s a pretty amazing retail store πŸ™‚ Plus we have tons of weekly sales and a coupon that takes 40% off any one item that isn’t already on sale. We’re pretty accommodating people.

Today, because one of our normal cashiers is out with a back injury, i was on the register all day instead of processing my freight in the Home Accents section. (basically, putting away all the stuff we got in delivery two days ago). I was kinda disappointed i wasn’t gonna get my stuff done, but it was whatever.
Everyone was absolutely wonderful. πŸ™‚ Honestly. Our customers are absolutely great, and i’m so thankful for them, and how understanding and friendly they are! But, there’s always a statistic. And when you get such wonderful people all day, you’re bound to get at least one truly awful person.

This middle-aged lady came up with four Thanksgiving decorations. Something about her attitude made me nervous; she just seemed very forceful and impatient. I was anxious to just get her out of the store, but she proceeded to start to pay by flinging change from her purse onto the counter. I patiently counted out $5.13 of her $36 in change, and keyed it in, because we have to do everything manually; no scanners at Hobby Lobby.
Instead, i accidentally typed $50.13, because i always get my zeros messed up. It said i owed her a bunch of change and printed a receipt.
Aww, crap.Β  Of all the people.
We both just sat frozen for a minute, and i wasn’t sure what to do.
Without saying a word, I quickly picked up the phone and paged El Little Mexican Manager, Pedro Martinez. (The lady is now telling me how she has her dog in the car and she doesn’t have time for this.)
Pedro and i have a rocky relationship, but he showed his true colors today. He came over and i explained it to him. He said what he had to do was “return” the four things, approve the return, and then ring them back in again. By now, there were 4-5 other people behind this lady who is still griping her black heart out.
She starts whining to the mom behind her, and said again that her dog was in the car and she came in for one thing and this is what happened. I explained to her what we were doing and she started telling me AGAIN about her stupid, frickin’ dog in the car, like i cared or like it would somehow make me go faster, and i politely said i understood and we were almost done. She rolls her eyes and says “oh, iΒ BETΒ you do!”
Finally, i handed her the return receipt and said i needed her to sign it and she flung the pen at me and said “no YOU sign it! Its your mistake, doll, and i’m not putting up with this-” and she kept going on and on about i made this mistake and she shouldn’t have to do anything, even sign a receipt, to fix it.
…And i just looked at her. I couldn’t believe a fully grown woman was giving me the same bullroar that my 8-year-old sister did when i lived at home.
I was like “Umm, excuse me-” And Pedro quickly interjected and just said “okay, please just approve the credit card transaction and then you’re all set-”
And she goes “UM, NO, I-” And he points out that all she needs to do is clickΒ okayΒ on the PINpad. She snatches the receipt out of my hand and walks out the door.
i just stared at Pedro. i couldn’t believe this had happened to me; that this fully grown woman made a complete and total idiot of herself in front of 4 other adults and at least one kid.

I wasn’t going to cry. Absolutely not.

The mom looked down at her daughter who was about 7 and said “Don’t you ever do that do someone, you understand? You don’t ever treat people like that.”
She came up to me and i cashed out all her craft stuff, and she said “Don’t you even worry about; some people are just so ignorant. That was awful, and she had no right to treat you like that.”
And Pedro just smiled at me “it’s okay…you’re okay…”

Then i started crying.

Like, real, lip trembling, hand shaking, tears-crying. Every person who observed the whole thing was so nice to me and said i did just fine and complimented me on not completely losing it, and that only made me cry harder.

Pedro gave me a 20-minute break instead of a 15, and i cleaned the coffee maker in the breakroom and talked to Kathie, from Fabric. She’s a mom, and it was helpful to tell the story and get it all out, and i cried a bit more. I was totally okay!!! Β I really was; i’m a big kid and i’ve been yelled at before, plenty of times…I just couldn’t understand that crazy woman…

One of the cashiers paged me to go to my register, and Pedro cancelled it. I looked at Kathie. “I think he thinks i’m broken… X’D ”

When i came back i told him “Just so you know, i appreciate the long break, but i’m a big kid, and i’ve been yelled at before. I just couldn’t believe a grown woman would make such a fool of herself; it was so dumb…”
Pedro nodded and smiled and said “Of course; i know!! i knew you were okay, but i know that when you get frustrated, or angry, it’ll make you cry. I know because i’m the same way. i just wanted you to know i understood and that if you wanted a minute to get it out, that was okay. And honestly,” (this was the best part) “If there weren’t so many other customers behind her, I would have gone off on her for you. Because that was just unacceptable.”
I just smiled.

So i got chewed up and spit out by my one rotten customer today, (the worst customer i’ve had in my 4 months of being there.) But, i got a better relationship with my manager, and i hope it will stay that way…I think our new assistant manager, Ron, is teaching him that you need to treat your people well, and they’ll die for you. Because i know Marth and i would follow Ron to the bitter end, and he’s only been here for a month or two. Because Ron knows if he wants good people, he has to treat them well. I think Pedro’s catching on too πŸ™‚

On the flip side, I got to talk to a sweet girl who’s birthday is September 2nd, (she just turned 9) and she’s having a sleepover party. She was getting canvas tote bags and puffy paint to do with her friends. πŸ™‚ I needed to ask Pedro a question, and she asked what he looked like so he could keep an eye out for when he came to my register. I told her he was the short guy with dark hair, and she spotted him right away and was super proud of herself!! X’D it was so cute πŸ™‚
There was also a sweet mom; she was so great…As a retail worker, you see lots and lots of parenting styles.
Some are like my mom who kinda let their kids be adventurous and they can look and touch but know better than to ask for or break anything, and the threat of “okay, fine, see ya later!” was a common thing when we didn’t come when we were called.
Some are more annoying then their kids, when they give the kids anything they want, at any cost, and those same people usually tend to have either horribly behaved kids, or normal kids with horribly behaved parents. I had one lady with a baby about 1 1/2 years old, and all she would do was yell “STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP! STOPPIT!!” For the entire 3 minutes of her transaction; way more annoying than her kid was.
But my favorite parents is what my mom always tried to be, and she’s actually gotten better at it. This lady had a 2-3 year old, and she squirmed and ran off at one point, and she just calmly and quickly chased her down and scooped her up…when she started to fight in line, she said “hey, hey…I need your help! Can you put these on the counter for me? Can you put the basket away?”
As the baby, of course, walked right past the basket holder and the mom sweetly redirected her, and showed her where it went…I couldn’t even deal; i just kept smiling!
It made me happy to see a parent who was bigger than her three-year-old, at least in public. It was super amazing πŸ™‚ i wish i could see her again and tell her how awesome she is πŸ™‚

But seriously. This is the life of a retail worker πŸ™‚ it’s work, its tiring. Its busy, it takes alot of energy. There’s strained relationships and best friends. There’s good people and there’s losers. You never know what has happened to the cashier 15 or 10 minutes ago, so please, make it your goal to be their favorite customer that day, no matter what happens. Especially if they make a mistake.
Tip your waitresses…and hug your retail workers, y’all. πŸ™‚ ❀ – First Experiences!

photo 2

My first order from came tonight!! πŸ˜€ In addition to the two things i ordered, they gave me a sample of MISSHA snail cream, which i’ve been told is absolutely amazing!!

After reading so much about Korean toners and how they’re way better for your skin than the American versions, i decided it would be a good first thing to try! I got MISSHA Pore Correcting Toner. It was $14 for a very decent sized glass bottle πŸ™‚ It only comes out a drop at a time so it should hopefully last a while!! ^_^

photo 3

(I love Korean writing so much; i would so much love to spend some time in an Asian country…)

My second thing was KLAIRS Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask. ^_^ Out of all of them, it was the cheapest on SoKoGlam; $2.
I’ve also checked out and they have some for $1+cents a piece! ^_^ They also have more variety for less so my sheet masks will probably start coming from there…

photo 1
I wish i had taken one of the classic pictures of it on my face…taking one of those and posting it on the internet is the epitome of self-confidence! πŸ˜› Of course, i immediately had to wash and tone my face and try it! My skin feels super amazing! ❀

The shipping was Standard US shipping, $6.95…and because i live in NY, they charge me tax. -_-
Ahh, so far, i’m absolutely thrilled and i can’t wait to try MemeBox next!!

My plans for my next order are:

Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Perfect Sticker

Tony Moly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar 05 – Juicy Peach Β

People Skills 101 : Communication about On-Going Issues = Make or Break

photo (4)

Just so the boundaries are out:
1. This is not a blog post about how guys should text/call their girlfriends more often.
2. This is not a post about how to survive long distance relationships, tho i did that as well.
3. This IS a post about those nitty-gritty life-relationship things you think after a year of being best friends and a year and a half of dating, you’ve sorted out, but you haven’t. πŸ˜›

Shall we begin?

Today i had a good conversation with dear Marth today. It started out with me being frustrated because something that was important to me didn’t seem to be important to him at all. He wasn’t there for something that was important to me on a consistent basis. Β i always would ask why, after the fact, in as gentle and understanding a tone as i could possibly manage, and he would always have a good explanation.
But today tore it. I just didn’t understand what was going on with him, it was making me doubt his character and no amount of “good explanations” was going to save him from a woman scorned.
I went back to his house, and he could see the “flames…on the side of my face…” as i was so lividly furious at him.
And, of course, because i’m getting old and hormonal, i can’t get mad without crying anymore, so after his best friend Caleb left, I spoke irritatedly…then loudly…then walked into the kitchen and started crying.
After a little bit, he walked in too, and rubbed my shoulder. I felt awful for yelling at him, and even more awful because i still didn’t know what to do and yelling didn’t seem to have gotten me anywhere.
He hugged me, and after a moment, i realized he was crying too, and he explained to me a situation that i was completely unaware of, and made all my anger dissipate.
Something he kept saying after the fact, when i said thankyou for explaining the ongoing situation, was “Everything i do has a reason.”
That was honestly really reassuring, because i trust him. And he’s proven himself to always have good reasons in the past.
It doesn’t mean that he’s excused from anything important to me, but i am now 100% positive that when he is unable to be there, it’s not because he’s just blowing me off.

So, applicable points from this:

  1. Sometimes in order to find out the reason for an ongoing issue in a person , you have to take time, and probe deeper than you think. Especially if it’s someone you’re close to, eventually the answer will come out.
  2. Even tho crying and yelling usually can produce immediate results in a gentler soul, it’s not usually the best way to handle it, because it leaves a hurting person feeling more hurt and hopeless because now they’re angering the person who matters most to them.
  3. Be understanding. When someone opens up to you about an ongoing issue, even tho something seems like an easy fix to you, if it was an easy fix, they would have done it already. Be open and understanding to why they’re putting themselves thru this issue, and be willing to fight alongside them, not treat them like they’re stupid.
  4. Opening up about ongoing issues is especially difficult for introverts. They’d rather keep it between themselves and one or two good friends of the same gender than open up to even their girlfriend. Part of it’s pride, and part of it is they’re used to handling things on their own.

This is Meyla’s advice for relationships and communication about on-going issues. Your thoughts?? πŸ™‚

“When in Buffalo….”

photo (3)

Being a very cultural kid, festivals are a huge thing for me, and i absolutely enjoy everything about them: Loud music, artery-clogging food, crazy people in even crazier outfits, even the outrageous prices don’t phase me, cuz i usually figure out ways around them… πŸ˜‰ (you’re talking to the kid who snuck a McDonald’s medium drink and two bags of 2$ candy in a tiny over-the-shoulder purse into a movie theater)
My first summer in WNY, I managed to make it to the Italian Festival and and Wing Fest. (The Renaissance Fayre was up there, but unfortunately didn’t end up happening 😦 )
BUT, I think i’ve been to enough to say i definitely appreciate these peoples’ tastes!! ^_^
I tried 6 wings there, and took two of my two favorites home.
I ate alot of the Asian/Thai spice ones (I’ve decided i need to learn how to make my own sesame teriyaki sauce, STAT…I could eat those for days!) and there was also a place called Randy’s, that came all the way from the UK to our Coco-Cola baseball field to feed us chicken wings… ^_^
As we stepped up, I got called ‘sweetheart’ and was definitely hit on by a British guy with the sweetest accent (he gave me two wings for the price of one ^_^ ) and Marth insisted upon telling his entire family so they could all laugh at me… XD but it was super amazing and they were absolutely divine!
After then, Marth and I went out, to quell the raging fires of assorted buffalo, asian, barbecue, and teriyaki from our tongues and we settled on Frosty’s Ice Cream, where a medium-sized ice cream is the size of your head… Perks of non-corporate establishments! #supportsmallbusinesses
Then, we came home and watched “Liar Liar” and fell asleep on the couch… ^_^ He is actually still asleep….Should probably wake him up so he doesn’t regret it later, don’t you think?? πŸ˜‰

Clean-Faced Enthusiast


“…I really wanted to write K-beauty addict, but β€œaddict” would imply something negative, and Korean beauty has done nothing but improve my life.” -Coco Park πŸ™‚

Seriously, tho, my face hasn’t felt this soft since i switched to all-natural products because my skin was too sensitive for the ClairSonic and benzoyal-peroxide-loaded skin cleanser i was using!

I’ve been washing my face for the past six months, twice a day.
But the past couple weeks, i’ve just been making slight changes to my normal routine, and daring myself to use less harsh products, taking the risk that my face could break out.

So here’s a Broke Kid’s Beginner Guide to better skin, the K-Way. ^_^
note: My only frame of reference is my own skin…I have very sensitive, light with some small freckles (Irish) combination skin. My trouble areas are my chin and T-zone, and i’m prone to stress-related acne.

  1. I’ve been adding coconut oil to my DoveΒ bar soap. (because i don’t have an oil-based cleanser yet.) I use it all over my face, just small, light circles (no scrubbing) with my hands, even in the trouble spots, twice a day. I’ve noticed improvement in two days. ^_^ Even if i do get a whitehead or two, i’m pretty sure it’s either stress or because my face still isn’t used to less harsh products. It’s all about teaching your body what’s good for it. πŸ™‚
  2. I use Neutrogena pink grapefruit foaming acne cleanser. I’ve started just using my hands (small circles, no scrubbing) instead of vigorously going at my face with a washcloth to get rid of the acne/blackheads. Tho it’s a good, gentle cleanser, no need to use it all over your face, just in the trouble spots (for me, my chin and t-zone)
  3. My local grocery store was Hannaford , back when i lived in Maine. When i was there, i bought a large jug with a pump of something calledΒ everyone lotion – face, hands, body.Β It’s full of essential oils and kinds of good things, and the one i got was inexpensive and lasts forever!! I use it on my face, and usually add a couple drops of vegetable glycerin or one drop of tea tree essential oil.
  4. Tea tree oil is also super good for black/whiteheads as well, because while it is all-natural, it’s will dry them up without destroying your skin. Just put a drop on a cotton swab and put it right on the blemish. ^_^ And unless your skin is more sensitive than mine, you should be just fine πŸ˜‰
    Some people aren’t a fan of the smell of tea tree oil, but, hey. It’s all about teaching your body what is good for it.
  5. A big goal before going to bed is making sure you have enough moisture on your skin that it won’t dry out overnight.
    I have been using 1 part raw vegetable glycerin to 10 parts water (For Western measurements, i use 1/2 tsp glycerin to 3 1/2 tsp water. That way, it fits in a plastic 2oz condiment cup, and it’s perfect! Not too little, not too much…) Just spread it on your face before bed! ^_^ It absorbs the water in the air, and it’s super hydrating. It does also leave your skin a little sticky-feeling, almost, tho, so I’d only recommend putting it on before bed. It reduces the amount of dirt, airborne stuff and anything else from sticking to your face, out in the world.
  6. Last but not least!! hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE. Right before i moved, i was drinking 2-3 quarts of water a day, and it really does help clear your skin.
    Rule of thumb? Drink until you feel like your eyeballs and stomach are floating πŸ˜› Drink straight tea, (hot water and tea bag) and add a lemon wedge or two to a quart of water (my personal preference is TrueLemon; packets of real crystalized, dehydrated lemon). At first, it will be hard, because your stomach won’t be used to it; it almost will feel like you have a strange stomach ache at first…and getting up to pee every 10 minutes will be annoying, but it’s ALL ABOUT TEACHING YOUR BODY WHAT’S GOOD FOR IT. Almost every human in America is dehydrated on a consistent Β basis; don’t be a statistic.
    A delightful little bonus is that it’s also can help you lose weight, because when your stomach is full of water, you don’t eat out of boredom. ^_^
    note – When my mom was pregnant, she drank 2 gallons of water a day. She doesn’t recommend drinking more than that, because it will flush all the electrolytes out of your body, doing more harm than good. 2-3 quarts a day is plenty to see significant improvement.Β :)So there you go!! Have clean faces, friends, because they’re the only ones you’ve got πŸ™‚ And it’s well-worth the time and effort!

    p.s – I made my first purchase on SoKoGlam yesterday!! MISSHA pore-correcting toner and 2 KLAIRS Soothing Sheet masks! ^_^ It just shipped today and should be there in 3-5 business days!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!! πŸ˜€