Listen to me.

I have a thyroid deficiency.

That basically means my body works twice as hard as it should to raise my metabolism and accomplishes nothing except to make me want to sleep and eat. As a result, i gain weight very easily, and keeping it off is next to impossible. So people get on my case alot about not eating anything, and alot of it is a combination of just genuinely not being hungry, or being anxious because every bite of anything packs the pounds on and the only way to keep it off is by working out for hours a day, which i just don’t have the time for. I’m usually very positive about this. I know i’m destined to be a chunky girl and i’m okay with this for the most part.
But sometimes i get inspired and dream of being 120-130 lbs again, and i start to eat better. Then, i have a day where i throw calories out the window, (and for most people that’s not a big deal!! But, for me, that means i’m going to be working off those calories for days) and i’ve just taken a huge step backwards and erased what could possibly be weeks worth of healthy eating. And that’s enough to make anyone depressed…which just makes me want to sleep and eat more.

So the point of this rant is, please, please, special men in the lives of women. There’s some of us that just aren’t ever going to be perfect. We’re never going to have perfect-sized boobs, flat stomachs, firm butts, clear faces, soft skin and smooth, frizz-free hair. And it’s NEVER going to happen all at the same time. Roger that?? NEVER.

Please also know that every time we see another girl or a picture on facebook of a flawless girl who looks like she has all these things at the same time, it’s like a lightning bolt of insecurity, that ranges from barely shocking us, to knocking us off our feet, depending on the time/day/phases of the moon/etc. X’D

More than anything in my physical life, i want to be skinny, and i want it RIGHT NOW. But there’s more to life than that, and i need to remember it, EVERY. DAY. Because it will take over my life if i let it.
These are things that go thru a girl’s head every day, multiple times a day. We know, as the important guys in our lives, that you love us. But that’s not enough to keep us from caring about being our best in every way, because now you’re there with us. We’ll never get tired of you telling us that you love us exactly the way we are, and if you feel like throwing some specifics in there, that’s even better. No matter what, don’t let us focus on something we don’t want, be it more curves or less.

… #end rant.  I have to end it now, because my eyelids keep falling over my eyes when i don’t expect them.


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