– First Experiences!

photo 2

My first order from came tonight!! 😀 In addition to the two things i ordered, they gave me a sample of MISSHA snail cream, which i’ve been told is absolutely amazing!!

After reading so much about Korean toners and how they’re way better for your skin than the American versions, i decided it would be a good first thing to try! I got MISSHA Pore Correcting Toner. It was $14 for a very decent sized glass bottle 🙂 It only comes out a drop at a time so it should hopefully last a while!! ^_^

photo 3

(I love Korean writing so much; i would so much love to spend some time in an Asian country…)

My second thing was KLAIRS Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask. ^_^ Out of all of them, it was the cheapest on SoKoGlam; $2.
I’ve also checked out and they have some for $1+cents a piece! ^_^ They also have more variety for less so my sheet masks will probably start coming from there…

photo 1
I wish i had taken one of the classic pictures of it on my face…taking one of those and posting it on the internet is the epitome of self-confidence! 😛 Of course, i immediately had to wash and tone my face and try it! My skin feels super amazing! ❤

The shipping was Standard US shipping, $6.95…and because i live in NY, they charge me tax. -_-
Ahh, so far, i’m absolutely thrilled and i can’t wait to try MemeBox next!!

My plans for my next order are:

Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Perfect Sticker

Tony Moly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar 05 – Juicy Peach


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