“When in Buffalo….”

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Being a very cultural kid, festivals are a huge thing for me, and i absolutely enjoy everything about them: Loud music, artery-clogging food, crazy people in even crazier outfits, even the outrageous prices don’t phase me, cuz i usually figure out ways around them… 😉 (you’re talking to the kid who snuck a McDonald’s medium drink and two bags of 2$ candy in a tiny over-the-shoulder purse into a movie theater)
My first summer in WNY, I managed to make it to the Italian Festival and and Wing Fest. (The Renaissance Fayre was up there, but unfortunately didn’t end up happening 😦 )
BUT, I think i’ve been to enough to say i definitely appreciate these peoples’ tastes!! ^_^
I tried 6 wings there, and took two of my two favorites home.
I ate alot of the Asian/Thai spice ones (I’ve decided i need to learn how to make my own sesame teriyaki sauce, STAT…I could eat those for days!) and there was also a place called Randy’s, that came all the way from the UK to our Coco-Cola baseball field to feed us chicken wings… ^_^
As we stepped up, I got called ‘sweetheart’ and was definitely hit on by a British guy with the sweetest accent (he gave me two wings for the price of one ^_^ ) and Marth insisted upon telling his entire family so they could all laugh at me… XD but it was super amazing and they were absolutely divine!
After then, Marth and I went out, to quell the raging fires of assorted buffalo, asian, barbecue, and teriyaki from our tongues and we settled on Frosty’s Ice Cream, where a medium-sized ice cream is the size of your head… Perks of non-corporate establishments! #supportsmallbusinesses
Then, we came home and watched “Liar Liar” and fell asleep on the couch… ^_^ He is actually still asleep….Should probably wake him up so he doesn’t regret it later, don’t you think?? 😉


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