Clean-Faced Enthusiast


“…I really wanted to write K-beauty addict, but “addict” would imply something negative, and Korean beauty has done nothing but improve my life.” -Coco Park 🙂

Seriously, tho, my face hasn’t felt this soft since i switched to all-natural products because my skin was too sensitive for the ClairSonic and benzoyal-peroxide-loaded skin cleanser i was using!

I’ve been washing my face for the past six months, twice a day.
But the past couple weeks, i’ve just been making slight changes to my normal routine, and daring myself to use less harsh products, taking the risk that my face could break out.

So here’s a Broke Kid’s Beginner Guide to better skin, the K-Way. ^_^
note: My only frame of reference is my own skin…I have very sensitive, light with some small freckles (Irish) combination skin. My trouble areas are my chin and T-zone, and i’m prone to stress-related acne.

  1. I’ve been adding coconut oil to my Dove bar soap. (because i don’t have an oil-based cleanser yet.) I use it all over my face, just small, light circles (no scrubbing) with my hands, even in the trouble spots, twice a day. I’ve noticed improvement in two days. ^_^ Even if i do get a whitehead or two, i’m pretty sure it’s either stress or because my face still isn’t used to less harsh products. It’s all about teaching your body what’s good for it. 🙂
  2. I use Neutrogena pink grapefruit foaming acne cleanser. I’ve started just using my hands (small circles, no scrubbing) instead of vigorously going at my face with a washcloth to get rid of the acne/blackheads. Tho it’s a good, gentle cleanser, no need to use it all over your face, just in the trouble spots (for me, my chin and t-zone)
  3. My local grocery store was Hannaford , back when i lived in Maine. When i was there, i bought a large jug with a pump of something called everyone lotion – face, hands, body. It’s full of essential oils and kinds of good things, and the one i got was inexpensive and lasts forever!! I use it on my face, and usually add a couple drops of vegetable glycerin or one drop of tea tree essential oil.
  4. Tea tree oil is also super good for black/whiteheads as well, because while it is all-natural, it’s will dry them up without destroying your skin. Just put a drop on a cotton swab and put it right on the blemish. ^_^ And unless your skin is more sensitive than mine, you should be just fine 😉
    Some people aren’t a fan of the smell of tea tree oil, but, hey. It’s all about teaching your body what is good for it.
  5. A big goal before going to bed is making sure you have enough moisture on your skin that it won’t dry out overnight.
    I have been using 1 part raw vegetable glycerin to 10 parts water (For Western measurements, i use 1/2 tsp glycerin to 3 1/2 tsp water. That way, it fits in a plastic 2oz condiment cup, and it’s perfect! Not too little, not too much…) Just spread it on your face before bed! ^_^ It absorbs the water in the air, and it’s super hydrating. It does also leave your skin a little sticky-feeling, almost, tho, so I’d only recommend putting it on before bed. It reduces the amount of dirt, airborne stuff and anything else from sticking to your face, out in the world.
  6. Last but not least!! hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE. Right before i moved, i was drinking 2-3 quarts of water a day, and it really does help clear your skin.
    Rule of thumb? Drink until you feel like your eyeballs and stomach are floating 😛 Drink straight tea, (hot water and tea bag) and add a lemon wedge or two to a quart of water (my personal preference is TrueLemon; packets of real crystalized, dehydrated lemon). At first, it will be hard, because your stomach won’t be used to it; it almost will feel like you have a strange stomach ache at first…and getting up to pee every 10 minutes will be annoying, but it’s ALL ABOUT TEACHING YOUR BODY WHAT’S GOOD FOR IT. Almost every human in America is dehydrated on a consistent  basis; don’t be a statistic.
    A delightful little bonus is that it’s also can help you lose weight, because when your stomach is full of water, you don’t eat out of boredom. ^_^
    note – When my mom was pregnant, she drank 2 gallons of water a day. She doesn’t recommend drinking more than that, because it will flush all the electrolytes out of your body, doing more harm than good. 2-3 quarts a day is plenty to see significant improvement. :)So there you go!! Have clean faces, friends, because they’re the only ones you’ve got 🙂 And it’s well-worth the time and effort!

    p.s – I made my first purchase on SoKoGlam yesterday!! MISSHA pore-correcting toner and 2 KLAIRS Soothing Sheet masks! ^_^ It just shipped today and should be there in 3-5 business days!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!! 😀


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