Candles and Wax Melts :)


I’m absolutely huge on candles and wax melts! I don’t have many good candles yet; most of them were votives from Hobby Lobby that i bought to kinda sample the scents… Right now my only nice one is my Yankee Candle one that Marth and I got on a 2-for-$24 sale ^_^
I mostly just use my wax melter, and the cubes. ^_^
I bought my melter at Walmart for about $20 last year, and it does a great job! i’ve never changed the bulb or had any trouble with the cord/switch, and it’s survived a move to four states away with me 🙂 I get most of my wax melts at walmart…

The ones in the bag are Maple Creme and…I forget the other one, but it smells good ^_^ )

One from Kohls on sale… (absolutely divine, i tell you!)


These two from Hobby Lobby, where i work…The Pina Colada one is absolutely amazing!


And some from random places. This one is a kind of rich foresty smell that i got from a tourist shop in the Adirondacks 🙂


The prices vary from 79 cents to $2.99 🙂

I also went looking around my work for some candles i really want as soon as i get paid on Friday! 🙂


mmmhh….I was putting it away on the shelf one day and happened to pass it close to my face. it’s absolutely heavenly!

By the same token, this one smells just as good, with a different tone…″-x-4″-Wild-Blueberries-3-Layer-Pillar-Candle/p/110157

(It won’t let me just share the picture; i apologize…)

Both smell lovely, one is warm and the other is fruity ^_^ They’re also half off this week as well, and, cuz i’m broke, I only buy what’s on sale haha 🙂

Unfortunantly i definitely don’t have a picture of the last one, because it’s from Vidler’s 5-and-10 store about 20 minutes from my house. It’s a soy candle called Grandma’s Kitchen ^_^ it’s sooo good; i’ll post a picture when i get it 🙂 it’s probably the most expensive tho, because it’s a jar candle, but I’m certain it’s going to be worth it… ^_^

What are your favorites scents?? And favorite places to buy candles, wax melts or incense?? 🙂 I’m always looking for new ones with good recommendations!


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