Hanji Zoe – Character Review

Recently Mark and i have been ridiculously obsessed with the anime Shingeki no Kyojin (in English, Attack on Titan).
It’s almost too weird for me, but i ended up binge-watching the last 12ish episodes while i stayed up until 3:30 doing a painting haha 🙂


I’ve decided my favorite character is Hanji Zoe, the scientist/research expert of the group.
She’s a squad leader for the Scout Regiment, and the second in command to Erwin Smith.

photo 3

She is in charge of the study of humanity’s greatest enemy, the Titans, who eat humans for no apparent reason. They came about suddenly, many years ago, and humanity knows next to nothing about them. Because of the information required for her experiments, the Scout Regiment has captured many Titans alive for her to study.
I admire Hanji’s ability to become attached to people and things without fear of losing them. She has very open emotions, both about her friends in the Scout Regiment, the new cadet additions, and her Titan test subjects.
She gives them names, and will go physically closer to them than anyone else; she just isn’t afraid of them.

photo 1

Her desire for research isn’t fueled by how many friends she’s seen die, or the fact that humanity is held behind the walls Rose and Sina, trying to survive. It’s just her desire to learn and her curiosity about the unknown Titans. Nothing frightens her if she can find some new information in the end.
But she’s no fool; she knows when science has reached it’s limits and she has to fight.

photo 4

I love her relationships with the men in the Scout Regiment, and how she’s able to joke with Levi and how Erwin trusts her very much.
Hands-down she’s definitely my favorite character in AOT!!

photo 2

Ahh i can’t wait for season 2 to come out!!! Don’t tell Marth, but i accidentally read ahead in the manga and i know some crazy stuff that goes down!! O_O ooh i’m so excited!!

“If theres anything you don’t understand, learn to understand it. It’s well worth any risk to our lives.” – Hanji Zoe

p.s. – Regardless of all that everyone says about her not having a gender, everybody has a gender. Hanji is a girl. ^_^


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