Just another day off :)

Wow…So today, Marth and I both had the day off from work! It was so amazing…I had been up until about 2am with my best friend from Maine, and i didn’t wake up until about 11. Marth called me and said he was in the driveway and asked if i wanted to go to Walmart. After stumbling over my words a few times i said i’d like to take a shower and put on makeup haha. He said no problem and asked if i wanted breakfast from the gas station he used to work at, because he planned on going by there.

So i took a shower, and he brought me home bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant. ^_^ Then, we went out and i realized i forgot my water bottle halfway there (i remembered a bottle of perfume, lipstick, chapstick, my phone and my house key, but not my water X’D )
So, since i keep a backup at work and that was only a few minutes out of the way, we decided to stop there first.
On the way, i realized we were passing the street that my best friend from work, Cassie, lives on. And as we were passing, she was outside!
So we stopped and talked to her, and she said she was planning on going out to pick up either a cake, or stuff to make a cake for her 2-year-old son’s birthday tomorrow (he was at her mom’s house for the afternoon). So Marth said she could come to walmart with us.
Well, a simple stop at work and a trip to walmart ended up being 15 minutes at Hobby Lobby, and then hitting two different walmarts, a TOPS, a Wegmans and an Anderson’s before finding an ice cream cake that Cassie wanted. X’D
Marth played it off very graciously, but i know he was really kinda ticked. Guys don’t just understand that it’s just what girls do; we SHOP. Usually for nothing, haha; the thrill is being together and going to all these different places! Guys just want the end product in shopping; there has to be a point A and point B…
So, after all that; about 3 hours, we brought Cassie home, and Marth was dead; he was tired and semi-irritable, so we decided the best thing to do would be to hit up Starbucks, get a grande of the most refreshing drink the barista suggested, Triple Berry Hibiscus lemonade 🙂 So we sat outside, where it was sunny, but windy so it felt absolutely glorious…We spent a good 45 minutes there, and then decided to pick up our original plans a little early; we wanted to go to AppleBees for dinner, for our first solo date in over a month 🙂
So we did that 🙂 He got parmisian shrimp sirloin and i got a cheeseburger…our server was named Action Jackson. (Like, that was the name on his nametag! He had long black hair in twist braids, and was really really nice 🙂 )

So we were so full we couldn’t even get dessert after that, so we went back to my house, where i was originally just going to change and then we were going to go to his house…but instead we stayed at my house and played battleship and snuggled and talked and then fell asleep on the floor XD
When we woke up, we then decided to broaden my entertainment tastes and he introduced me to Attack on Titan, one of the awesomest Animes i’ve ever watched!! 

(not that i watch a whole ton of anime, but since i draw it you’d think i’d be a little impressed with SOME of the ones i’ve attempted to watch….nothin, until this one! ^_^ ) We watched three episodes and i can’t wait to watch more!!
Then, we wrestled (he won) and i made tea for me (he doesn’t drink tea… i’m still working on that) and we talked some more…by then it was almost midnight and i had to let him go home… 😦

By then, th0, I wanted something lighter than Titan, so i started perusing International Movies on Netflix and stumbled upon this little gem, “Instructions Not Included”…if you overlook the tiny detail that it’s all in Spanish, and i can’t even watch it now, cuz the only way i can understand it is if i am reading the subtitles…it’s an amazing movie so far! I don’t have time to finish it tonight, but i definitely will! 🙂

Its been such an amazing day; i wish i got pictures of Marth and i…some other time i suppose 🙂
I’m so thankful for someone willing to just live life with me and talk with me…I’ll be real, it took me a couple minutes at AppleBees to switch gears from working at Hobby Lobby with this guy everyday, where he’s “just” my co-worker, and from being with Cassie all morning, to remembering that we’re kinda romantically involved… XD but only a couple minutes 🙂 I’ve never been more thankful for him, tho.
Okey-doke; i should have gone to bed an age ago….Gnight 🙂

Missing You

My dearest Love, Marth;

I miss you very much tonight. Its midnight, but i still keep hoping for some reason I’ll hear the basement door and you knocking…

I know today was really long and rough for you. But you did the best you could with what you had, and i know you did an absolutely great job! 🙂 I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, and go to Kingdom Bound!! 😀 It’s gonna be great. 🙂

I just want to tell you how proud i am of you…Learning a new job that you haven’t really done anything like before, and becoming friends with everyone so quickly…Everyone there loves you. 🙂
I am so thankful for your positive attitude, and how hard you work, and just the realness of who you are. Thankyou for how much you trust me…I love putting my arm around your head while you rest on my shoulder, and i love kissing you, and making you food, haha! Thankyou for allowing me to do all these things and more… 🙂

Don’t let rough days get you down, darling. They happen…you somehow miraculously make it thru…and then you go back with a better attitude tomorrow, and it’s okay. 🙂
And i’ll be there with you no matter what. 🙂

Keep being awesome. 🙂 I love you.



People Skills 101 – Of Conversations in Distress

“What you need is some editorial skill in your expression. Between impulse and action, there is a realm of good taste begging to make your acquaintance!” -The Doctor, Star Trek Voyager

I have always enjoyed Robert Picardo’s character, largely for the way he words things and his quippy sense of humor. XD
As a motherly figure as well as a generally talkative person, i often end up being the person to listen to many a complaint from people. Many are simply complaints that i have learned to tolerate, and most are from people who are genuinely hurting. I am more than willing to listen and be understanding to both, and you should be as well. (Because of treating others as you would wish to be treated, in the interest of being loving and having friends and such; but that’s a different topic)
Today i’ve encountered quite the communication roadblock, where you just encounter those people who simply don’t want to be helped. They’re convinced nothing you can say will be of any help or use to them, and they’re not afraid to let you know that. They have a refute or an excuse for any help you offer, or encouraging comment (a refute they dont’ actually beleive, but that they wish you to counteract) and it’s quite a dizzying and frustrating process for both of you. It is at this point in time I’d greatly discourage conversation. When it deteriorates to the point that a person simply doesn’t wish help; they just want you to be as frustrated or upset as they are, it’s not worth it. Having two angry or hurting people solves nothing. Consulting another person outside the issue, especially while in the moment of distress or when it is hightened (i.e. late at night) serves to accomplish two purposes and those only:
1. to “vent” – get something out into the open so it’s not weighing on you, possibly gain advice and then MOVE ON from the situation. (not always a valid purpose for all circumstances, but a purpose nonetheless.)
2. to gain attention – While it usually starts out as simply a desire to be heard, loved or understood, it tends to develop negatively, typically resulting in driving the other individual in circles until they become as frustrated as you are.

People are important. So much in fact, that sometimes you need to let them know you love them, but there’s a time to quit the attention-seeking, face the music, and accept help. It’s okay not to be alright. It’s not okay to stay that way.