Marth Allen


“Quiet by nature, standing tall…I feel the waves begin to rise; far across the ocean, deep within your eyes.” – Blackmore’s Night

(Still my favorite picture of you, you sweet man, even if it is almost two years old)

I post alot about my boyfriend, I know. 🙂 But if you had a boyfriend and best friend as amazing as i do, you’d post alot of blog posts about him too 😉
I can’t imagine my life without you; i’ve never met someone like you, in that way. Our relationship is different from that of any other i’ve ever had, with anyone, and while i’m confident that should God wish me to be with someone else, he’d give me the strength to move on. But…I think the point of being in a relationship and eventually getting married is that you’re better with the other person than you are without them. And that is definitely true for me. 🙂 We’ve been thru alot already together, and i am so excited to have the rest of our lives too!! 😀 what an adventure it will be…what a privilege to share the most valuable thing i have with someone i love: My life, and your’s as well.

Thanks for always looking out for me, and keeping me safe from moths, and scary movies, and giving me hugs whenever i want them, and wrapping your arm around  my shoulder while we’re sitting in church together, and randomly kissing me, even in front of other people, for encouraging me to try new things…For never being fazed by anything; always taking even the craziest news with strength, wisdom, and ease.
Thanks for being different from me. 🙂
Because you’re the Kirk to my Spock, and i’m so lucky to be in love with my best friend. 🙂

“I can’t! [be with someone else.] You’re it for me, forever.” ❤


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