“Breathe. Be Silent. All is well, my friend.” -Marth

Wow, i’m sorry i haven’t had much to write about in so long, my friends…

It’s been a little crazy this past week. I’m working almost full-time hours now…Marth and i had our 1-year “anniversary” of dating on Friday, and while we were driving home from getting ice cream, i hit a raccoon that came out of nowhere, and further damaged the leaking coolant lines in my car. It’s now shooting transmission fluid out the front end whenever the car is running, and i’ve gone thru almost 8 quarts of fluid in two days. It’s really scary, cuz if there’s not enough in it, the engine rushes something awful and sounds like a racecar, and handles like a bucking bronco with tourettes. i’ve called my dad and brother in Maine so many times just to ask for advice what to do with it and i stubbornly refuse to ask Marth’s parents for money. He and i had a (*cough*) loud conversation about it last night.

Tonight, tho, after i finished dumping three more quarts into it, his dad asked about it, and we sat down and talked for probably about an hour, or more. About insurance and how we’re going to work out the rest of the week while the car goes into the shop on Wednesday, and me, Marth, and his mom have to share the Malibu until sunday, (with the two of us working and she has to do errands and such.)

I appreciate the bluntness of Marth’s father, and what a classic Dutch man he is. He tells things like they are, and will repeat it as many times as you need to understand, but won’t sugar coat anything.
i lost it, finally, when we were talking about the auto insurance, and i was repeating everything back to him, making sure i understood. I leaned back against the couch finally and sighed frustratedly.
“I should have made sure i knew all this already.”
Marth’s dad just shook his head and it took me a moment to finally look up into his eyes. His face had the same gentle expression that i’ve seen on Marth’s face, when what he’s about to say next is designed to comfort, and he’s serious about it.
“You’re learning.” He said. “You’re already an adult, and now you’re just taking some important steps…No one your age knows all this stuff yet.”
The tears were coming, but i kept stopping them.

I’m so thankful for Marth’s family. Besides his dad being smart, and honest, his mom gives the best hugs, and his sister always, ALWAYS, has a smart comment for everything, (which honestly makes me laugh a ton) and is a great conversationalist…his brother-in-law always smiles; always has a kind word and a great, genuine smile for me, even if it’s just randomly across the kitchen when we happen to glance in eachother’s direction. And sweet Marth…is the perfect culmination of all of them. Truthful, smart, caring, honest, witty, happy and genuine, and alot of other amazing things i don’t have enough time to list now, since it’s 15 after midnight and i need to be up at 7:30 tomorrow to leave by 8…I’m stopping at Marth’s Sunoco for breakfast and fuel before work at 9 🙂

Oy vey. My life just got so much more complicated (besides the car, the air mattress i’ve been sleeping on popped last night, for the second time so i’ve been sleeping on the couch…the cherry on top of the crapulous mess that is my life at this time haha) but for some reason, even more so than ever before, i’m even more confident that somehow it’s going to be alright. 🙂


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