Marth and Meyla’s Wild Weekend!

Wow, guys, i haven’t written in two days. :/ i wholeheartedly apologize…Marth’s parents have been away, so he’s had the house to himself all weekend, and they won’t be back until wednesday. We’ve had a great time tho! We went to Ithica on Friday, just to walk around and go to thrift stores, and then we went to Starbucks…and while he agreed it’s quite pricey, he liked it!! (i love starbucks so much…not the ones in Target tho; they don’t capture the spirit of coffee shops at all…)
Thru a series of misadventures, which involved getting lost while looking for the car (cuz i forgot to save the address of the random curb we parked it on cuz i refuse to pay for parking, anywhere.), getting caught in rain, and having to pull over on the highway, and then stopping at TOPS for ice cream, we made it home and went to bed.

Saturday morning, i had work at 1, and Marth’s best friend Caleb came over that afternoon, and was there at night when i stopped by to get what was left over in my pint of ice cream from the night before (priorities, you know…)
I took a hot shower and was so tired, i completely forgot to even get online and put music on to sleep to, i just fell onto my bed and died…Hot showers will do that to you; make you tired…

Sunday morning, i told Marth i would be there around 9:30 so we could make it to church on time and i wore my new dress that he bought me from one of the thrift stores in Ithica ^_^ But, when i got there, Marth was out cold. He was supposed to set up chairs and tables for sunday school the night before, and he forgot. He ended up jumping out of bed around 4 in the morning, walking across the parking lot to the church and working until about 7, and now he was dead. So…i wasn’t going to drag him out of bed while he was like that, even to church. The boy has trouble staying awake on a normal Sunday; i was setting myself up for disaster if i tried to get him out of bed now, when he could hardly talk straight. So, we were heathens and stayed home. 😉 XD We had friends over that afternoon; Mark’s old roommate came up from Rochester, and Caleb and his fiancée came over later too for a bit 🙂 We had bacon cheddar cheeseburgers, went to TOPS and the boys got Martinelli sparkling juice (It’s an Andy Mineo song that they sing every time they buy it; it’s quite funny…) and i got yogurt, cuz i like to pretend i’m healthy. 😉
Then we came home and watched Captain America: Winter Soldier, which i hadn’t seen yet, and Marth fell asleep in the middle of… XD
Then, Greg had to go home, cuz he had to be back in Rochester before dark, and Caleb and Amy went to a concert at the church…Marth and i drove down the road to his work cuz he forgot what time he was supposed to work today, and was disappointed to find that he worked 5-2 today, so i couldn’t stay late.

So we had dinner, did dishes and watched Madagascar and made out until 11ish…it was kinda amazing ^_^ we always have a great time when we’re together; i guess that’s why we’re dating. 🙂
I should have posted something yesterday, while i was up eating popsicles and watching Raising Hope until 1AM….didn’t cross my mind.


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