“Far From Home…On Our Own. But We’re So Happy.”

I was thinking alot today while i was at work, about growing up and having kids someday; being a real mom. Not just the girl who mothers everyone who will let her. But, actually be a real mom, with kids of my own.
I’ve always had a hard time thinking of girl names; i have no clue why…maybe cuz when i was 11, after all those years of my parents trying for a girl, and five boys later…my brain must be in the “boy-name” zone still. But i did manage to come up with some i liked, and i figured i should write them here before i forget them…

Isla – [Scottish] the name of a scottish river, and derived from an island off the coast of Scotland, Islay.
Felicia – [Uncertain origin] happy, or happy things 🙂 (doesn’t get better than that; just saying. If i could love this name even more, i do now…)
Jada – [Hebrew] Knowing. (Marth did a travelling music production while we were at school, in which the main character was named Jada…Plus, it’s a sweet name.)
For middle names for my girls, i think i like the idea of going with something nature/outdoorsey.

Remus [Roman] Mythological founder of Rome with his brother, Romulus. (c’mon, Harry potter, and star trek, mixed in one name. Doesn’t get any freaking cooler. ^_^ Marth actually brought up this name, and i’m 98% positive if we get married and have a son, his name is going to be Remus.)
Finner: [German?] By far, this is my favorite name, mostly because no one knows really what it means. It’s not technically a person’s name, by the internet’s definition. but i know its: a) Native of Finland b) a type of humpback whale c) a beautiful song, by Of Monsters and Men. It’s uncharted name territory. What’s not to love?? ^_^
 James, Adam, Judah : My favorite Biblical names for guys. 🙂 can be first or middle names…I might like the idea of family members’ names being middle names…

Shooot; i was supposed to go to bed forever ago…


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