An American Tail: OST – Main Title and End Credits

Okay, admit it…how many of you watched this as little kids, and were genuinely rather frightened, but still loved it!?? And now watch it when you’re older, realize Steven Spielburg directed and James Horner did the music, so no wonder it was so good?! My grandmother brought this movie over to our house one day on a VHS tape, and it never left. This song makes me think of a 7 year old girl living in a travel trailer with two parents, a dog, a pet rat, no money, and two little brothers who never shut up. XD We were building a house in a new state, but as kids, we didn’t understand that…we were busy playing in drywall spackle, drawing on the painter’s paper with our broken crayons, making snowmen with rocks and paint-stirrer sticks like that was normal, and playing in the woods and the lake…Its amazing the memories media/music holds; how it helps you remember things you didn’t think you did.


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