A day of firsts

While i’m at work, i always pity the people who have a section of store to cover, AND a register they keep getting called to run. Today…From 1-9, I was that person. For the first time, ever. I almost died, but I was trying so hard to be positive, it really wasn’t that bad. I just felt awful cuz i wasn’t in my section at all and we were almost a half hour late leaving cuz we had to do recovery of the entire craft, papercraft and cards/party section that i didn’t get to cuz i was too busy learning how to work a register. But its a great skill to have!! I’m quickly learning how to do everything there!! ^_^

The only thing i do have a hard time with tho, is when people don’t pull their own weight or have a rotten attitude, so that’s especially why i felt bad, but also i just…hate being negative so people who push me there make me even more angry. How do you guys deal with people who tick you off, and are unnecessarily negative??

It was still a great night tho!!! i’m just super tired, and i gotta be out and at work all day (11-7) tomorrow, too. Marth works 1-10:30 tomorrow, so i won’t really get to see him either… 😦 I’m super glad he has a full-time job tho, and i’m really proud of him! 🙂 I’ll probably be able to see him on wednesday morning…
My friend from work invited me to a Matt and Kim concert on Thursday night, and while i’d honestly love the experience, listening to “Get It” is making me kinda miss the depth of lyrics that twenty-one pilots has. I mean, I’d love to hang out with Cassie; i absolutely adore her. But idk if i want to do it listening to cursing, pointless lyrics and staying up ridiculously late; my music is kinda like a piece of my heart and the shadow of my soul and i take it seriously, ya know?
I’ll have to talk to her by thursday morning. I just hope i can do it in a way that says she’s still my best friend at work, and i really do want to hang out with her…

I’m gonna finish my Big Bang episode on TBS; my brain is too tired to scheme good ideas right now.


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