The Story of Meyla and Marth

Once upon a time, there was a girl, named Meyla. (Pronounced Mi(long i) -Lah) She was loud, crazy, and made friends quickly. She loved to talk, and often ended up saying or doing things while she didn’t quite know what was going on, and frequently made a fool of herself. But, she was Meyla. and everyone loved her anyway.

She lived in Upstate New York with 500 other college students, of a Bible college and summer camp.
She wasn’t there long, before she met Marth. He was older then her, and a very, very quiet, gentle soul, but inside, he emanated a fierceness you didn’t want to tangle with. Quickly, Marth began to pursue a friendship with Meyla, similarly so to the way he pursued friendships with everyone. He was just generally very caring, and enjoyed being there for people, But Meyla also noticed he was very careFUL, about who he opened up to, how and when.

It didn’t take them long to become unsung best friends. They didn’t have to say it, and they didn’t have to be together 24/7 (but they usually were). Everyone could tell; there was just a kind of chemistry that was seen as Marth allowed Meyla to see his heart and his life, and Meyla grew to love him for it. Marth showed her how to be calm, how to listen, how to watch and how to see the things about other people that they didn’t usually share up front.
In return, Meyla let Marth know that he didn’t have to always be the invincible strong one. He could relax, he was safe with her, and he wouldn’t ever have to be lonely again, as long as she was his best friend.
They would eat lunch together after school every day, and usually study in the library or go for walks together and listen to music, or get cappuccinos and play board games; the normal things best friends do.


But Meyla noticed, close to Christmas break, girls would come to her and ask her questions about Marth, usually to the effect of “He’s so mysterious and you seem to know him so well, so i thought i would ask you.” Remarks even started circulating across the campus (“Are you two dating?”, “Every time i see one of you, i think of the other.”). Meyla had a boyfriend in Maine at the time, and was uncomfortable with all the publicity of her friendship with Marth but she didn’t quite know what to do. While her boyfriend was controlling and demanding because of the long distance, Marth was loving and kind, and Meyla never doubted that he loved her as a best friend. She didn’t really want to think about their friendship becoming anything more, because she knew her boyfriend, Aiden would be furious with her, and that frightened her.
But, after Christmas break, the two decided they needed to have a talk. They had never thought of entering into a relationship before, beyond casual moments of “I wonder if…” that were never verbalized. Meyla was dating someone else, and Marth knew the bro code. He knew Meyla loved Aiden, and didn’t want to interfere.
Meyla and Aiden’s struggling relationship kept on until March, when things quickly spiraled out of control. Aiden became angry with Meyla for her friendship with Marth, and Meyla became angry with him.
Finally, Aiden’s old sister pulled Meyla aside and said she needed to choose; Marth or Aiden. Meyla loved Aiden, but the more she had seen his true character, she realized she couldn’t live with someone who was going to be angry and controlling all the time. She chose Marth.
They broke up in the beginning of March, 2014. Meyla was a single lady for the first time in 3 years, and she hurt for a while. Marth did as well, because, while the girl he loved was available, he didn’t like that she was so upset.
After being best friends for about 6 months, they decided at the end of March, that they needed to have a talk. It was mutually decided that, while the feelings were there, becoming an official couple didn’t seem best at the time. Meyla had alot going on in her life then, and there were alot of things to consider. (for example, Meyla lived in Maine, and Marth lived in Western NY. The distance spanned about 8-11 hours.)
They decided to remain best friends, as they always had been, and wait for the proper timing.
They both kept books at the time; writing books that were like journals, that only eachother was allowed to read, and it greatly contributed to learning more about eachother, as they considered entering this relationship. Meyla had asked for 2 months since breaking up with Aiden before Marth could ask her out and she would say yes. (anytime after May 9th, 2014).
When that date came and went, Meyla became rather anxious as she waited. She knew Marth loved her; they were best friends. But she didn’t quite know what to do now; they were in almost a state of limbo, waiting.
Finally, on June 12th, 2014, on a rainy Thursday afternoon, Meyla found Marth asleep on the bench in the gym. She sat with him, making sure no one hit him with a basketball or drew on his face while he slept. Finally, after about 1/2 an hour, Marth jumped up and began wandering aimlessly around the outside of the gym. Meyla was confused, but she followed. They ended up under a tree by the edge of the lake, and that was where Marth officially asked her to be his girlfriend…And Meyla willingly agreed.
That summer, they worked at a teen camp on an island. Marth was in the kitchen, and Meyla was a counselor. It was that summer, as boyfriend and girlfriend, that they laughed alot, cried in eachother’s arms, smelled eachother’s feet after a long day of work, prayed together, did eachother’s laundry, and “raised” countless girl campers of Meyla’s and a dozen teenage dishpit boys of Marth’s together. It was also a summer of firsts; first time holding eachother’s hands, first dates together, first time voted ‘couple of the summer’, and the first kisses, for both of them, with anyone. 🙂


It was the best summer of their lives.
After the summer, they returned to their respective homes, and long-distanced it up for about 8 months. Meyla tried feverishly to return to NY, because they decided, if they got married, that’s where they would want to stay.
After a long series of misadventures, countless letters, and two visits from each of them, the distance ended. And Meyla became a New York girl.

Sweet Marth and I have been dating for almost a year now. It doesn’t feel a day over 7 months. I am so beyond thankful for this man, and i am so blessed by him, and the story; the life God has given us!! Here’s to more adventures. 🙂



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