Today was a good, good day :)

Dark and stormy nights call for Phineas and Ferb on Netflix, and white chocolate cocoa with cinnamon 🙂

photo (3)
🙂 I got to eat french toast for breakfast, work out, fold laundry and do dishes today!! 🙂 And then i left for work at 12:30. I love my job so very much!! Me and one of the CSMs, Stephany, were working on pricing and organizing clearance stuff, and she said she and her co-CSM were talking and the other girl said I made her laugh alot, cuz i was super happy and loved being there. Later, I was talking to one of the assistant managers, Kirsten, about learning to work in the custom frame shop. Kirsten and the two other managers are the only ones who are trained to work in there, and only one of them is ever there at a time. She said she’d love for me to train to be in there, and I said i’d love it too, cuz then i could be indispensable. I enjoy learning to do stuff nobody else wants to or knows how to do. Kirsten just laughed and said i was already on my way there, “Cuz you’re super perky, and happy to be here, and you work really quickly.” I kinda hid behind my hands and laughed. They’re all so nice to me there!! I don’t understand how anyone could NOT love being there!! I’m really hoping to be here a long time, if i can. It seems like it’s gonna take alot to climb the corporate ladder, but i hope i can! 🙂 I’m just happy to be working again. 🙂
After work, I went to Marth’s house, and me and his mom talked for a bit, and then me and him and his dad watched Jurassic Park II (Not the best, but it’s Jurassic Park, so it’s pretty good 🙂 ) and part of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Marth was really tired tho, and we’re gonna make whoopie pies tomorrow after church, so we decided to go to bed sorta-kinda on time. 🙂


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