Today was a really great day!! 🙂 It was a short day at work, and we had the new manager to close up…I really like when she works, cuz, while everything is way more hectic then it has to be, her being new makes me feel more responsible. 🙂
I was in the art department tonight; all paints, and canvases, and stencils and all the custom wall frames and stuff like that. I got to help two girls find the right canvases (they ended up going with a HUGE wall one; i don’t remember the measurements but it was about $74…) and they were so sweet, truly a pleasure to serve and brainstorm with!
I got my paycheck, but I can’t go shopping until the deposit clears. I mean, i’m not starving, but I do have a grocery list a mile long…I’ve still got cereal, and milk, cuz i bought some at the gas station, and apples and potatoes and four more strawberry popsicles…plus, i’ll be at Marth’s all day on Sunday and we’re supposed to make whoopie pies! 😀 so i definitely won’t starve over the weekend 😉
I’m trying not to be concerned…I mean…I worked for two weeks, just short of full time, and i only took home $350. I mean, it’s definitely not chicken feed, but i made over $400. Friggin’ NY state taxes…. -_- No matter…it just means i’m a shoe-in for a huge return next April. Which i can live with; forces me to be careful how i spend my money.
But, now I should be thinking more of how i spend my time, cuz it’s 1:30am and in 12 hours i’ll be in work again, haha… #adultlyfe.


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