“I believe the emotions chip is malfunctioning…”

List of things to do today:
-Finish United Federation of Planets painting
-drink 1 quart of water

Oh, good gosh…
Okay, so just so you all know, I was raised on Star Trek; i vividly remember sitting on the couch watching it, when i was three. (It’s one of my only vivid memories as a three-year-old.)
Today, i sat down and watched the movie Star Trek: Generations on Netflix. I did just fine until we got to the part where Data found Spot in the destroyed ship (the ship that has been part of my life for as long as i can remember), i completely lost it and cried for the last five minutes of the movie.

Now…i just want a hug. I’m tempted to drive 15 minutes to Marth’s work for a hug. :/ It’s all good tho; i’ll drown my sorrow in Big Bang Theory when it comes on TBS soon.
The rest of today was good; i went to Marth’s this morning and we had Lean Pockets for lunch, and then he went to work. I went to the Galleria Mall to exchange my shoes at Zumiez and then to Walmart to get iron-on patches for my work pants…which reminds me that i still have to do that.


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