Hillsong: United – King of Heaven

We listened to SO much Hillsong at school!! This song makes my heart just swell with joy to listen to 🙂

It brings me back, to a simpler time and a different life…People don’t understand, cuz the “real world” isn’t what it was like up in the mountains. With our simple food, our constant singing and music, our Bible classes, our bunk beds, in our rooms that we shared with 3-5 other people… our chores and our inside jokes and our board games/random adventures/ways to keep ourselves entertained cuz there’s nothing to do in the ADKs in the winter… XD Our different lives. 🙂
I didn’t think i liked “real life” at first. It felt so frustrating and empty compared to there, where we were loved. Oh, we were so loved.
But we still are. The same God with us then…is with us now, no matter how different things feel. We just gotta keep trusting, gotta keep living, day in and day out…the best we know how. And we’re not doing it alone, and we’re not doing it in vain.
Allow this song to calm your souls, my friends, as it calms mine. Rest well tonight. 🙂


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