Hermione’s Time Turner Pendant


So, i honestly have no clue how this happened. One minute, i was looking up pendants i could make out of oven-bake clay…next thing i know, i’m buying this Time Turner for $2 + free shipping! 😀 can’t beat that; its from overseas tho, so it will take almost two weeks to get here, and i just hope it’s not SUPER-super bad quality…
Either way, eBay IS Bae. ^_^


2 thoughts on “Hermione’s Time Turner Pendant

  1. I love that! I found some cheapie things like that on Amazon too. Could not believe the price. It’s so worth the wait on shipping too!

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    1. mmmh, you know what i’m looking for now? A plush Vanellope Von Schweetz doll from Wreck it Ralph! I swear, i’ve looked everywhere and the prices have done nothing except skyrocketed since the movie came out…it makes me sad. cuz…i am cheap, as well. X’D

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