“Now, it’s 3 in the morning…and i’m trying to change your mind; Left you multiple missed calls until my message, you replied…”

First off, I humbly apologize for my lack of conversation, my friends…Today was rather crazy. I worked, 9-4, and didn’t actually leave the building until after five. We had a huge sale on candles, so naturally, i picked up some Darsee and David’s votives and clear-glass candleholders…I think i got Hemingway, Tropical Mango, Cinnamon Spice, Cozy Vanilla, and Coconut Citrus. I also picked up a poly-resin incense holder and Sandalwood; Marth has been obsessed with incense since last summer, but i’ve never actually gotten any before, haha. He was happy, and gave me a package of Lavender that he doesn’t use much anymore cuz his parents don’t like it when he lights it in the house.
I also got wax melting cubes, Apple Cider and Pina Colada…oh my goodness, the Pina Colada one is AHH-MAZING!! mmmmhhh, i walked into the house after being at Marth’s for a couple hours tonight (i left it melting) and the house smelled sooooo ridiculously good!!
I also got some new acrylic paints and three fine brushes, cuz they’re always my hardest to keep nice…
Anyhow, so i left work, and had to go to Target and exchange the air mattress i’ve been sleeping on, cuz it tore for no apparent reason last weekend and i’ve been sleeping on the couch for the past few nights…which was surprisingly extremely comfortable, and i kinda miss it, now that i’m back in my room. :/
I stopped at Sunoco to see Marth and give him a hug, and get a gallon of milk (i don’t get paid until friday, so i can’t go real shopping yet) and he made me a turkey BLT with cheese on wheat for dinner… 🙂 he’s the best!
I went home, organized some christmas decoration hand-me-downs from Mrs. V, and was basically a super artsy Sherlock Holmes for the remainder of the day…

photo (1)

…painting, sniffing candles and watching Big Bang Theory on TBS. ^_^

photo (2)

(Both of these pictures very accurately describe my current life. XD ^_^ )
Oh, and then I went to see Marth when he got out of work at 10:30ish, and walked around his house with the big fuzzy brown blanket off his bed draped over my shoulders, making lightsaber sounds.

photo (3)

Zvooom. zchhw, zchhhw…vmmmmmmmm…..

Now, i’m listening to Arctic Monkeys, looking quite forward to finishing my tea and going to sleep. 🙂


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