One Warm Summer Day…

So…I totally had a story for you guys, but i started it on Marth’s computer, didn’t finish it, hoped it would auto-save like it usually autosaves all the stuff i DON’T want…but it didn’t. 😦 sad face.
So PSYCH! no story tonight, but today truly was a great day; lots of sun, lots of good people and a great sermon at church done by the great pastor of youth, Pastor Zack 🙂

But, after that, we went back to Marth’s house, did some cleaning and ate food, and talked and eventually I fell asleep on his bed while he played Destiny with his friends over an hour ago, and now i’m home, and i can’t type all the day up again; it was like 560 words…SO, 1,000 heartfelt apologies, but i think a goodnight song is in order, and then bed is to be gone to…


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