Memorial Day 2015 – The GameBoy Adventures

First off, I’d like to start today by saying thankyou to everyone who’s served in the military. I’m not a political kid, nor do i know anymore about the armed forces that you can’t learn from watching M*A*S*H, but i know it’s something i’d never be able to do, and i’m proud of you all, and your families.

My day was super chill so far…I woke up, walked 2.3 miles and did some yoga and weights…had brunch, and then went to Marth’s family’s house 🙂 Marth’s at work until 4 (I just heard the garage door!! yayy!!) 😀
We had lunch together, and then we started talking about road trips, and that got us talking about the GameBoys the kids had when they were younger.
Long story short, this happened…


The geek was so real…Gerard and i played PacMan nonstop for like half an hour and it was so great!! We used to have a cube system with wires and a joystick that we used to play PacMan on, way back in the day. I used to be so good at it!!! I couldn’t even get past the pumpkin level today tho; SO out of practice… I have the GameBoy COLOR and he’s got the GameBoy Advance! It was still so much fun!! 😀
Marth’s home now, so i’m gonna talk to him about his day…he came home with a HUGE waterbottle…we’ve been trying to eat healthier and work out more, and drink more water, etc…it’s hard, working, ya know? You get tired, and you just wanna eat junk food, and don’t realize until after the fact that it really doesn’t help you not feel hungry or anything…if anything, it just makes you feel kinda sick. :/
But, yeah!! I hope you all have a great day with your families and friends, cuz i sure am! 🙂


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