Field Trip!! – The Afterstory

So the day was absolutely amazing!! We ended up getting trolley passes, that were only $3 per adult, so we got to ride around on that…it reminded me SO much of the Night Bus from Harry Potter. “yeaaah, take it away, Ernie!!” XD
We met up with Marth’s sister, Suzi, and brother-in-law, Gerard, and walked around a bit, haha…we saw Horseshoe Falls, and then got in line to go on the Maid of the Mist (which i’d only seen in Bruce Almighty, haha!! “EEEERRROOOODDDING!!!!! EEERRUUUUOOOODING!” X’D oh, Jim Carey…) and i made sure to take off my shoes and slip them under my poncho so they didn’t get wet.
We stood right in the front, and everyone was screaming and cheering and it was super incredible!!! The water was so beautiful, and we were talking about Moses and the children of Israel crossing the Red Sea, when it parted into two walls of water, 200 feet high, on either side…Gerard said he wondered if that was what it was like, perhaps minus the mist? ^_^
Marth cleaned my non-waterproof makeup off my face after (best boyfriend ever…just saying.) and then we disembarked and began to climb the long line to get out, and up the elevator. While we were walking Marth and i watched these two ladies in front of us. (We’re two white kids, mind you.) The one lady was dressed in traditional Indian sari, holding the most adorable baby girl. The baby kept smiling at another lady (while i’m not super great at differentiating the…differences, haha, if i had to guess, i’d say she was Korean) in skinny jeans and an orange sweater. The baby was CRACKING up, it was so cute…she kept smiling and holding her hand out to the Korean lady, and the Korean lady was smiling too and holding her hand, and the mom, and Marth and I were laughing right along with them…Before long, probably about seven of us were just watching this adorable baby interact with a total stranger, and the mom even let the lady hold her for a minute before we got to the elevator. Marth just smiled and said “Universal love.” It was one of the neatest things ever.
We got on the elevator, and took the trolley back to the parking lot on Goat Island…Marth and i fell asleep in the car on the 45 minute ride to the Olive Garden. When we got there, we waited for Suzi and Gerard, cuz they drove separate, and then we got our food. Our waitress’s name was Kiya (like the car) and she was super sweet; taking the time to correct an error in our coupons, and explain to us the different forks haha!) Now, my stomach is SO full, and Marth is currently passed out, with pillows and clothes piled on top of him, and i’m at the desk, typing away and listening to twenty-one pilots 🙂 Wow, it was an amazing day 🙂
Seriously, friends…make sure that you can have days such as this with family/good friends. Do something outside, do something classy, do something where you can scream and cheer and get wet/messy, and then enjoy good food and sleep. It is good for the soul.


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