Teas : An Introduction

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So I promised I’d talk about tea 🙂 On average, I drink about 2-5 cups of straight tea a day, some hot and some iced, some with honey.
While i do know alot about this, but i honestly forget exactly where i acquired all the information…so i did some cross-referencing online to make sure the things i posted were accurate.

  • Green Tea: Heightens metabolism. As someone with health issues causing a slow metabolism, this stuff is my go-to tea. Its also real good, heart-healthy-wise. My digestive system and skin also has become quite sensitive and will notice if i go a while without drinking any of this. It’s all about teaching your body what’s good for it. 🙂
    Favorites – Green tea with pomegranate (Bigelow), Green Tea with superfruit (Lipton)
  • Black Tea: We live in a culture where everything is fried, sauted or baked in oil, and we all know the heavy-stomach feeling of eating too much of said food. Black tea aids in lowering cholesterol and helps clean some of that ickyness out. The taste does have a bit of a bite to it, as well as the highest concentration of caffeine of all the teas, so I’d recommend two teaspoons or so of honey in it, and don’t drink it before bed.
    Favorite – Spiced Chai (Bigelow)
  • Flavored Tea: While it’s definitely the least healthy of all of these, I will occasionally indulge myself in a peach or raspberry PureLeaf or an Honest Tea. The biggest thing with this is that the tea part is usually watered down, so you don’t get all the benefits of a brewed cup, and you’d be amazed how much sugar they’ll try to sneak in one of those suckers. (my rule is no more than 25 grams of sugar in a serving size, for ANY beverages. ((I don’t drink alot of pop, haha))
    The point? It’s a way healthier alternative to pop or concentrated fruit juice/cocktail. Just don’t convince yourself that drinking only flavored tea is making you healthier, and keep an eye on that sugar content.
    Favorites – Peach, Raspberry, Green Tea: Not Too Sweet (PureLeaf), Moroccan Mint (Honest Tea), Strawberry Red (FUZE)
  • Herbal Tea: So herbal tea isn’t even actually a tea leaf; its mostly made of herbs, spices and other yummy stuff. So, it’s still got some good benefits, but not necessarily those exclusive to tea. For example, chamomile or lavender is good, across the board, for helping sleep, fruits are good antioxidants, and peppermint calms upset stomachs.
    Favorites: Fruit Sampler, Mint/Peppermint, Tension Tamer (Celestial) 

Well, and there you have it!! The breakdown of the teas in the life of me. 🙂 Recipes to follow… 😉


2 thoughts on “Teas : An Introduction

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