Field Trip!!

List of things to do today:
-drink 2 more cups of tea
-drink 3 quarts of water

I am SO excited for today! Marth’s family (him, his parents, his sister and her husband) and i are going to Niagara Falls today!! I’ve never been before! We have the ocean/beach haha, but no big waterfalls like that, where i’m from in Maine…They’re taking us out to dinner afterwards, most likely at Olive Garden, cuz Marth’s sister Suzi has coupons haha! ^_^ I love his family so very much…even his sister, who he doesn’t get along super well with, loves me, and i really love being with them all! They really take “taking care of me” seriously…It’s neat to be the youngest in a family, after being the oldest in mine all my life!
But, all this said, i hope you all have a fabulous day, and i’ll be sure to tell you all how it goes, when i post a ‘goodnight song’ tonight! 🙂


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