List of things to do today:
– drink 3 quarts of water
– exchange denim shirt to Target for a size up.
– be ready to leave for work at 2:30

Blogging isn’t nearly as easy as i thought it would be. i thought once i had a forum in which to write about anything i’d like, the words would just come naturally. But, as my “about” says…I’m just a normal kid, who is currently sitting cuddled on my boyfriend’s bed, wrapped in his brown fuzzy blanket…typing away, while he’s at his desk, looking at shoes on Zumiez.com… We both just got two pairs of shoes from them, but mine were about a half-size too small. In case you haven’t figured, i haven’t bought shoes in a while. Marth’s dad makes fun of me for my ripped-up TOMS that i wear everywhere cuz they’re my favorite, haha… 🙂 But, hey. You gotta wear what’s comfortable, ya know?

Today, i have to go to work at 3:00, but it’s only 5 1/2 hours. #parttimelyfe. ^_^ i don’t mind it tho; my job is basically wandering around, organizing and putting things away, and making myself available for people to ask questions. Only being there for two weeks means i don’t quite know everything yet, but someday i will! that is my ultimate goal…

Maybe I’ll write about tea; you all like tea? it’s kinda my most favorite thing in the world…Let’s talk about tea.


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